Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beach art

Jeff and I took a walk on this Oregon beach..looking for agates

  no hoobeach combing n of florence_007

We did see some great sand art…

beach combing n of florence_008

  Natures own Gallerybeach combing n of florence_011Rock Triobeach combing n of florence_014 And solo

beach combing n of florence_015

No agates…but wonderful purple and greens in the sand..beach combing n of florence_016

Jeffs Digiscoped pictures of a Life bird for us.

Red-necked Phalarope

red necked phalerope..jeffs pics_003 red necked phalerope..jeffs pics_004 red necked phalerope..jeffs pics_005 red necked phalerope..jeffs pics_006 We are now in Sacramento….getting great tours of the area by our friend Geno.

Today we toured downtown Sacramento..I took some photo and will post later..

Tomorrow we go Birding…

see ya later..


  1. I love those pictures. The beach was beautiful. Wishing you happy travels.

  2. Fantastic! I love beach art and have some photos of my own. Have fun in Sacramento

  3. What a beautiful area to visit..sigh. Check out my post on bat rehabilitation and conservation. I am trying to get the word out that bats are good...the baby bat photos are adorable...Michelle

  4. Wow, that beach art is awesome. Love the colors and textures. I usually found agates by the mouth of creeks feeding into the ocean or the bluffs nearby.
    Have fun in Sacto.

  5. ...I love art, and beach art is always good!! Great digiscoped photos of your life bird. It would be a life bird for me as well. I don't yet know how to take digiscoped photos--one of these days...

  6. Lovely natural sand sculptures, pity about the agates but you found some other pretty gem stones. My daughter has a nack of finding agates, she can find them on most beaches and rivers, I can not find any at all. Nice bird photos.

  7. Love the pictures of the sand art. You have a good eye for photo shots.

  8. Beautiful photos--I love the beach, so many colors, textures and shapes. You captured them nicely. Have fun in Sacramento!

  9. What a cute little guy (the Red-necked Phalarope)! Wow - those sand photos have so much depth. Very pretty!

  10. Thank you for a lovely day at the beach. Beautiful images

  11. I love these photos. Beautiful colors on the beach and such pretty rocks. Sounds like you are having so much fun. I had a immature yellow bellied sap sucker the other day in my brooklyn back yard. Couldn't believe it!


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