Friday, November 27, 2009

BwBTC Sacramento Part 1

Howdee all,

Sorry it has taken me so long to post more photos from the BwBTC outing.

Others have already posted their accounts and photos of the day.

Geno’s Post on the outing and the Burrowing Owls

Larry's Post on the outing.

Eric's photos 

I will be posting this in three parts…Mostly because I have a hard time weeding out photos..It was a beautiful area.

We started our morning meeting at 8am at the parking lot of Sacramento National Wildlife Refugee..

Coastal range mountains in the background. Autumn colors

BwBTC Sac_014

It was very chilly! We were all bundled up as you can see.

We all gather and do the walking tour.

BwBTC Sac_010

Snow Geese fly overhead

BwBTC Sac_013

BwBTC Sac_012

Turkey Vultures warm themselves in the morning sun

BwBTC Sac_017

And the birders start to bird shadow on Jeff's rearBwBTC Sac_022We walked past ponds looking for birds.

On the drive up we saw thousands in the air…so it seemed promising that we would find them here.BwBTC Sac_023At the far pond we find a nice assortment of ducks.BwBTC Sac_025  BwBTC Sac_027Cheryl, found a beaver Dam. BwBTC Sac_031 Most of the ponds we passed weren't very birdie…but it was just beautiful  BwBTC Sac_035 The reflectionsBwBTC Sac_036Reflections and fall foliage   BwBTC Sac_039Beautiful Golds in the trees and reds in some of the grasses.  BwBTC Sac_041     So instead of birds here… I will show you how lovely it wasBwBTC Sac_048 But look…two blackbirds hanging out in the reeds.BwBTC Sac_049Awesome snow capped mountains BwBTC Sac_050     Paths lined with grasses…..     BwBTC Sac_061BwBTC Sac_062Marshy areas with bright greens and blues..   BwBTC Sac_067More mountain views….   BwBTC Sac_070Do you know what bird this is? Well it had us stumped for a bit..BwBTC sac_003 (2) And….see all those tiny black dots in the sky?

Those are ducks…thousands of ducks..   

BwBTC Sac_073

From our very chilly morning walk we all returned to our cars to do the Auto Tour..


Stay tuned for Part 2…the Auto Tour


  1. Great post on the BwBTC outing. You have some great photos, my favorites are of the mountains and all those ducks in the water and the one of the thousands of ducks flying is cool too. I enjoyed your photos.

  2. That's a LOT of ducks! Looks like they were the bird du jour of the day.

    Yes, it does look rather chilly. Not sure I'd be up for birding when it's that chilly. You're a hardy one though Dawn!

  3. Never mind the apparent lack of birds the location & scenery looks fabulous. Masses of Geese, looks just like my recent Norfolk visit.

  4. Birds in such large numbers are truly a magnificence sight

  5. Oh look at all those Long-Tailed Ducks!!! They would have been lifers for me!
    Your little bird looks like a goldfinch to me.....was it a Lesser Goldfinch? Or just an American Goldfinch in winter plumage?

  6. Absolutely stunning pics! I like the one with the thousands of ducks in the sky, I'm always amazed to see that many birds at once, always wows me.


  7. Love the bird streaks in the sky..Its a treat following you around the country

  8. The snow geese are beautiful. Nice of them to put on such a precise air show for you.

    As always, the pictures are lovely. I'm thinking I should get college credits for following you around, Professor!

  9. Those sky photos are fantastic. Looks like you had a beautiful day out there!

  10. Love all the landscape shots especially the geese in a row in the sky and the trees reflected in the pond. Where are you guys? Are you still in Sacramento?

  11. What beautiful photos Nob! I also have a hard time weeding certain ones out to put up on my blog. I love the pictures of the geese and how you have them on top of each other and looks like they seem to connect.

  12. I'm already thinking I need to get back...and hope your Thanksgiving was great!

  13. Thanks everyone for commenting..I know I havent been very active on blogs lately..visiting friends and not much time.

    Correct! ☆✮✯ American Goldfinch

    @merriliee..hee hee..thanks from the professer! ☆✮✯

    we are in northern California..headed to vegas soon.

    See u all later!
    Thanks..heres flowers for you all!

    ❀✿❀ ✿ ❁ ✾❀✿❀ ✿ ❁ ✾❀✿❀


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