Sunday, November 22, 2009

BwBTC Sacramento

Howdee all,

Yesterday was the Sacramento Bird outing with Bloggers from around the area.

we had a wonderful time birding with everyone!

BwBTC Sac_122I was very impressed by these bloggers who are actively working to preserve and protect our birds and Environment!

I will blog more about our day soon…but until then..

I will introduce you to the cast of characters.

1st row yours truly and hubby Jeff

Second row left to right..

Eric, Scott, Heather,Cheryl, Larry, Kathy, Geno

Eric is a photographer and yesterday was his first bird outing..I wonder if we got him hooked on birding?

Scott has 3 blogs. The one I was familiar with was JournOwl, Read about how Scott is trying to save a group of Burrowing Owls. Scott is also a keen Environmentalist, Conservationist. He has two other blogs Thriving Oceans and  Bio the numbers  that I just started reading.

Heather, Scotts wife, and photographer. whom I hope thawed out after yesterdays cold weather.

Cheryl, Also is associated with 3 blogs. She is working to save the Beaver population in Martinez and volunteers to rehab sea birds at the International Bird Rescue and research center.

Larry has the popular blog and online store The Birders Report.  Larry just received a grant from the Audubon society to make Burrowing Owl habitat in Northern California. Thanks Larry, for organizing where to bird yesterday.

Karen, also volunteers rehabbing  sea birds.

Cheryl and Kathy spoke about the 500 birds recently sent to be rehabbed that were hurt during the Algae bloom in Washington and Oregon, and how devastating this Algae bloom was to the bird populations. They are both discouraged by the amount of birds they are seeing malnourished.

Geno is a local, Birder, Biker, hiker and friend of ours, our Sacramento tour guide….  Check out his blog.

A great day!

More to come….


  1. It looks like a beautiful day, but you guys all look so cold!!
    Looking forward to the photos and list of birds you saw.

  2. Sounds like a great group of people!!
    I'll be checking out those blogs you linked to!

  3. Thanks again for making this possible Dawn. I have discovered that the best thing about blogging is actually meeting your favorite bloggers and getting to know them personally.

    Geno, Eric, Cheryl, Kathy, Scott and his wife Heather, you and Jeff, were such fun to be with. I hope other bloggers jump at the opportunity to organize more events like this.

  4. Thanks to you and Jeff! It was indeed a great trip and as Larry said it is wonderful meeting everyone beyond the virtual realm.

    And Heather finally thawed out later that night...

  5. Beautiful day. How tragic about the malnourished birds. 500 rescued for rehab! Their dedication is amazing.

    Do you have fingerless gloves so that you can stay warm and take pictures at the same time?

  6. You and Jeff are Birding Ambassadors !

  7. gosh it looks like you had fun!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful group of birders..everyone so involved in saving the environment our birds need so much..thanks for sharing and do hope you and Jeff have a wonderful Thanksgiving@

  9. Looks like you had another great time meeting up with your birding friends. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks all for your comments..I havent had much internet time other that to post...Here I am trying to catch up..
    It was a blast meeting other bloggers and stop Vegas..but think the next BwBTC outing will be in Arizona..


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