Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two Ocean Lake, Tetons pt 2

Howdee all,

This is the second part of our hike around Two Ocean Lake…

We started the hike on the north side of the lake…

and took the side trail to the Grand View Point..a  1.2 mile detour..two ocean lake hike_20090914_079

up a few switch backs…offering views of two Ocean lake on the lefttwo ocean lake hike_20090914_076A Distant Fire…two ocean lake hike_20090914_075more views of Two Ocean Lake as we hike higher…

On the way up we heard some very strange animal calls..I thought maybe marmots..

but we couldn't find where the sound was coming from..

two ocean lake hike_20090914_074We continue to hike to the top…two ocean lake hike_20090914_072And finally we arrive at the top..

Grand View Vista

two ocean lake hike_20090914_073The Tetons ….always dramatictwo ocean lake hike_20090914_070I zoom in for a closer look..the view to the west…two ocean lake hike_20090914_068Charlene and Tom in the clouds…..two ocean lake hike_20090914_048  The View to the east and  Two Ocean lake on the left..two ocean lake hike_20090914_041          We stop to take in the scene and have lunch..

jeffs pics two ocean_20090914_004

on the way down…We hear the same animal sound..

and we discover what it is…

two ocean lake hike_20090914_039 At least three Great Gray Owls…

We assume young and adults ..

jeffs pics two ocean_20090914_047

We hung out with the owls for over a half hour..

In the video below..Tom talks to the owl…and I am a bit concerned that the owl might come toward us…as it seems so comfortable and unafraid…

Tom and Jeff head down the hill before Charlene and I. 

We pick Chanterelle mushrooms on the way down…

to the south side of the lake….

jeffs pics two ocean_20090914_053 Its early evening… two ocean lake hike_20090914_026  the sun is starting to set…jeffs pics two ocean_20090914_056Tom, takes photos…two ocean lake hike_20090914_023 I take a few photos…two ocean lake hike_20090914_022before we start to speed up our pace..

A storm is brewing…and its getting darktwo ocean lake hike_20090914_020  I find a very cool looking copper colored cricket?

two ocean lake hike_20090914_015And some remains of what I think is Bear Poop….

Any scat professionals out there?

two ocean lake hike_20090914_007  We made it to the car just as it started to rain..

Another awesome day in the Tetons..


  1. Those views are simply stunning! Love that conversation with the owl. He really did seem very comfortable. No clue about the poo!

  2. I can understand why they are called the "Grand" Tetons! Beautiful photographs. I'll keep coming back to see the owls. What a lucky break. I'm so jealous!

  3. Outstanding views and how lucky you were to see those Great Grays. Very nice Dawn!!

  4. Postcards from the Tetons and they're lovely...with two notable exceptions. I'm not a scat expert, but I'd say we can eliminate the owl and the cricket as suspects.

  5. Everything about this trip to the Tetons is awesome. Love all the pics. I'll have to stop back by latter to give them all another look.

  6. Nice photos Dawn! It must have been special to see all those owls together.

  7. Great photo shots. Love the ones of the lake with pink under clouds, and the lake with the refection of the clouds. How awesome to get such a great view of the Owl. But I was most impressed with the poop. tee hee!

  8. Great photo shots. Love the ones of the lake with pink under clouds, and the lake with the refection of the clouds. How awesome to get such a great view of the Owl. But I was most impressed with the poop. tee hee!

  9. Wonderful photos and story Dawn. How lucky to see the Great-gray Owls. It must have been a magical experience! Regards, Laura

  10. The owl is awesome. I'm going to listen to the video when I'm done writing this. That poo is pretty gross by the way. Maybe it's big foots.. LOL

  11. Beautiful series of photos! And I love those owls! Can you send 1 over here to Michigan? :-)

  12. Stunning vistas as always. But THREE Great Grays .... unbelievable. I've seen ONE (in the Bitteroots) in my whole life!

  13. Amazing photos!! It's so baffling to me that we are having such a hard time getting kids outside these days. Nature rocks!

    Cheers- Bethe @balmeras

  14. Awesome scenery & great sunset shots plus a cool encounter with the Owls. FAB

  15. Amazing images from your hike! The Great Gray Owl was an added bonus.

  16. Just experienced a wonderful journey to the Tetons through your splendid pictures. Thank you :)

  17. I'm looking a this post and thinking what a life you guys are living.I should be doing this-great scenery-fantastic owl footage/photos and then you lay a big old nasty pile of scat on me-and right before i'm getting ready to eat dinner!Really fantastic stuff though-other than the scat.

  18. Fabulous views as usual and really enjoyed the Great Grey haven't had the pleasure of seeing one yet. Really enjoyed the clip too.

  19. Wow Dawn, what a beautiful place -- those views are indeed awesome. Thanks for sharing the owls and that video with us too.

  20. Howdee all,
    So sorry about the delay in responding to your comments..
    Been busy picking mushrooms and visiting with friends..and then my computer hard drive crashed...still dont have a new computer..will get one soon the meantime I am using Jeffs.

    Yes..the views were awesome...and the owl quite fine with us visiting..I think its bear poo..

    Chris Petrak
    Thanks Chris..

    It was so cool to see the owls..thank goodness we were persistant and wanted to find out what was making the funny noise.

    yea...we were very lucky to get such a great show from the Great Grays..

    hee hee..u didnt see the size of that monster cricket!!

    Thanks..glad u are enjoying the trip!!

    Thanks John..yeah it was awesome to see the owls..

    Thanks..that was impressive poop wasnt it..hee hee

    yes it really was a wonderful experience hanging out with the great greys..

    Thanks Dave!

    Thanks sicksta...maybe its

    Thanks ...Did u get the owl i sent yet????

    Thanks..the encounter was very cool..i am guessing that this is their nesting if u want a chance to see some great grays..i will give u directions..

    I know what you a kid i spent allot of time outdoors..and hiking with friends.I love it!!

    The Early Birder was a great day..with the awesome bonus of the great grays..

    Thanks..yes they were the icing on the cake!!

    Patricia glad you enjoyed!!

    hee hee...sorry about the scat..I couldnt resist..i think it is bear scat..isnt that impressive??

    Debbie Miller
    tHANKS Deb..glad u enjoyed!

    Thanks Ruthie...It was so very cool to hang out with the owl family...

  21. Great photos, beautiful in fact. I need a long rainy week so I can catch up everywhere but also, your side bar links look so interesting...but I can't get into them right now. Darn.

  22. Spent yesterday talking to an old friend and former Teton park ranger about this area and some of his favorite viewing spots. Because of your magnificent photos I was able to understand his great fondness for Two Ocean Lake. I also worked in the area for a couple of years and so appreciated being able to take a trip back in time. Wonderfully done!


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