Friday, October 02, 2009

Drive to the Tetons

We left Yellowstone on September 7th and headed for the tetons_20090907_006I have already posted one of the hikes in the Tetons..

to tetons_20090907_003Table Mountain hike..on the backside of the Tetonsto tetons_20090907_002 If you have never been …these rocky mountain topsto tetons_20090907_005Are spectacular…and worth hiking into them to get a closer look… to tetons_20090907_004

Coming up…more hikes in the Tetons.

If you are not watching the

Ken Burns PBS series on the National Parks..
Americas Best Idea..

well …you are missing a great show!

Watch it please! and protect what we have…

Help save more land for futures use!


  1. Dawn - you have to stop posting pictures like this - the drool is ruining my keyboard!

  2. Not been able to catch all of the series, but what I have seen is really good. Either missed it, or not enough about our Great Smokies.

    Also nice to follow you around the country.

  3. The Tetons are amazing.

    Sure wish I could be watching the Ken Burns special. Will have to catch up with it online.

  4. Love the mesmerizing beauty of this place! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  5. Great pictures! We will be going there next spring or summer. Yes Joe and I have been watching the special on PBS. It has been very interesting to see we have just seen the tip of the ice burg. I guess we will be traveling for a long time like you guys.

  6. We've recorded, via the DVR, all of the Ken Burns series and I am waiting to sit down and inhale it all. Beautiful scenery!!

  7. The series is wonderful. You can already pre-order the 6-DVD series along with the companion book from PBS. Delivery will be in mid-October.

  8. Wow, what a truly amazing site to see..

  9. diane-j-m,
    Yeah the PBS series was awesome..makes me realize how important it still is to save and protect our natural areas ..there is much more we should be doing to save these areas..
    But ..I see you have been covering allot of ground in a little certainly move around more that Jeff and I do...dont burn yourselves out...

    Chris Petrak
    hee hee...Here is a cyber towel for your drool, sorry about that.

    you can see the PBS series on the internet if u missed any..or u can buy the dvds..


    yeah..the PBS parks series is online..isnt that great?

    Have you started inhaling the sereies yet? I want to buy the series and watch it over and over.

    I really would love to have the Series! I also love that I can watch it again online.

    Thanks sicksta...wish u were here!


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