Saturday, October 03, 2009

String Lake Hike, Tetons

Howdee all,

Jeff and I are in Eugene, Oregon..having some upgrades done to Homey. The Sofa is out and being upholstered…window boxes have new fabric…some tile work will be done…I am trying to convince Jeff to have the mirrors removed in the Kitchen backsplash and put some very cool…glass tiles…so we will see about that…

anyway…here is another hike from The Tetons..……………………………………………………………………………………………………

This day we hiked the ..

String Lake Trail

Trail Distance: 3.4 miles around
Elevation Gain/Loss: 200 feet up and down
How Strenuous: Mostly easy, with some upward stretches on the mountainside. Not recommended for toddlers or preschoolers who haven't done much walking.

(this information taken from the Gorp here for full trail description)

String lake hike_20090910_001 Jeff, Jennifer and I decided we wanted an easy hike this day…we were still resting our legs from Table mountain hike which we did two days before. String lake hike_20090910_002 The hike started by crossing one of the small lakesString lake hike_20090910_003

and walking a bit closer to the TetonsString lake hike_20090910_006

String lake hike_20090910_007

before heading north
String lake hike_20090910_009

further from the lakes ..with distant viewsString lake hike_20090910_010

and then above the lakesString lake hike_20090910_011

Before heading back down to the lakesString lake hike_20090910_012

This is Leigh Lake…we took a short detour hereString lake hike_20090910_013

Always the curious Gray JayString lake hike_20090910_019More of Scenic Leigh Lake…String lake hike_20090910_033I tried to capture some of the amazing turquoise colorString lake hike_20090910_040 What do you suppose made this tree curl like this?String lake hike_20090910_024    there were two curled trees!String lake hike_20090910_045Scenes from Leigh lake…I say a detour… String lake hike_20090910_036 We took the wrong path…String lake hike_20090910_037 but we didnt mind….String lake hike_20090910_038 This lake was beautiful with its Teton backdropString lake hike_20090910_039   After the string lakes hike we stopped in town.

I must show you this…Everyone takes a photo of these antler arches…

one of several in this town square.

String lake hike_20090910_047

And what boutique would be without Antler wreaths and a  Buffalo sculpture in front.String lake hike_20090910_046


  1. I think you're going to see about every square inch of this country Dawn!

    I enlarged some of the pictures and it's all so spectacular! Love it! How I wish I could be right there with you to smell the smells. At least you bring us along in spirit : )


  2. The Tetons are wonderful and I enjoyed your String lake hike. Great photos.

  3. Love the pics of Leigh Lake and I guess it was snow that caused the trees to grow that way.

  4. Yet another gorgeous hike Dawn, even with the detour.

    Sometimes young sapplings get very bent over from the weight of snow, then grow up again causing the curving trunk. Just a possibility.

  5. Your photos are just amazing and this may be a close as I get to any of these area.. You are a lucky ducky Dawn to have this opportunity to travel the country...Michelle

  6. Those photos are breathtaking with the Tetons in the background Dawn. I think you did a wonderful job showing all the color. I am swooning!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I love the twisted trees.

  8. Every now and then it's nice to take a less strenuous hike, especially when the scenery is so beautiful. Fantastic photographs.

    I must admit, I fail to see why the folks put a buffalo next to the antler wreath. Somehow I don't think those are buffalo horns.

  9. some amazng scenic vistas Dawn, amazing


  10. Very evocative memories in these fantastic pictures. We had a nice stroll out on String Lake Trail. Williamson's Sapsucker out there and plenty of Clark's Nutcrackers but no joy with the hoped for Black-backed Woodpie there. Simply amazing scenery!

  11. Fantastic scenery! Each photo looks like a painting from a master painter.You really don't need to say much when you have photos like that.

  12. A New England Life
    i know you would be clicking that camera as much as I do if you were here. Glad you are enjoying the pics..I really enjoy seeing your New england photos...

    Thanks! Glad u enjoyed string lakes.

    Yeah..u are probably right..the snow made the trees curl..burrr..


    Thanks! I think you are right about the snow making the saplings curl...

    Rambling Woods
    Yeah..i know I am a lucky ducky..but I sure wish you could go west and check it out for yourself..I know you would go nutso with photos like me..

    Thanks!! Glad to make u swoon..becuase.. I always do that when i go to your blog.

    Thanks Bobbie!

    Yeah..I agree..its nice to take a relaxing hike now and then..more time to take photos..less huff and puff
    As far as the antlers..i dont know what kind and how they were collected..didnt look into that..and thought I might not want to know.

    Thanks Dan!

    I have to say..we really didnt bird the area...Its Difficult when we hike with others that dont bird..

    Thanks are so right..not many words needed to describe the scenery..

    Thanks again everyone!!!!

  13. But arrangement of your home is not the most important thing in your life))))


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