Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two Ocean Lake Trail, Grand Tetons, Part 1

Howdee all.,

Sept 14th Jeff, sicksta Charlene her husband Tom and I took a very nice hike around Two Ocean Lake. area of the Tetons that doesn't get as much hiking traffic.

But before we get to the trail…we stop for…

photos..of the Tetons two ocean lake hike_20090914_164 Thistle heads…and the Tetons….

jeffs pics two ocean_20090914_025

clouds..and the Tetonsjeffs pics two ocean_20090914_023 What's this? Fall color?

two ocean lake hike_20090914_160

Awesome Orange trees in the distancetwo ocean lake hike_20090914_159

I don't know what they are….but they make a nice backdrop to the thistle…two ocean lake hike_20090914_158

and lookie here…I get lucky

two ocean lake hike_20090914_151  And  Capture a bug in flight…two ocean lake hike_20090914_151 We arrive at the Trail head for…Two Ocean Lake

A beautiful easy hike

The natural lake is 2.4 miles A 6.4 mile trail circles the lake passing through groves of Aspen and conifers.
  The name Two Ocean also refers to nearby Two Ocean Pass which spans the Continental Divide and where a small stream splits into two distributaries named Pacific Creek and Atlantic Creek that flow toward different oceans. Two Ocean Lake is on the western side of the divide, and only drains into Pacific Creek, which flows to the nearby Snake River.

We hiked Grand View Point, which added about 2.5 miles

two ocean lake hike_20090914_147

The start of the hike…two ocean lake hike_20090914_146

Distant Teton views..two ocean lake hike_20090914_140Sicksta Charlene taking in the view…   two ocean lake hike_20090914_141a seed head…don't know what kind  two ocean lake hike_20090914_138

And..more droplets..couldn't help myself…two ocean lake hike_20090914_137

The path crosses a large field of grasses and wildflower seed headstwo ocean lake hike_20090914_136

   Views from the field….

two ocean lake hike_20090914_133

Fields of Grasses…two ocean lake hike_20090914_130

The field had an interesting patch of green that mimicked  the rounded patch of shrubbery in the backtwo ocean lake hike_20090914_132

   Ahh…Teton Viewstwo ocean lake hike_20090914_128

Zoomed in View…two ocean lake hike_20090914_126

   We walk thru woods..two ocean lake hike_20090914_125

I notice a tree …differenttwo ocean lake hike_20090914_123

Bark off and resin showingtwo ocean lake hike_20090914_122 Dripping..two ocean lake hike_20090914_118 About halfway across one side of the lake

two ocean lake hike_20090914_115

Autumn shows its colors in the dried grasses and colorful foliagetwo ocean lake hike_20090914_113 A butterfly says hellotwo ocean lake hike_20090914_098Distant Teton views…two ocean lake hike_20090914_094Zoomed in…

two ocean lake hike_20090914_095 Bugs sharing a flower…gathering pollen

two ocean lake hike_20090914_092

We are almost across the northern half of the lake…two ocean lake hike_20090914_089 Alfred Hitchcock or Winston Churchill?two ocean lake hike_20090914_087

The northern half of the lake has the most scenic views of the Tetonsjeffs pics two ocean_20090914_012

But the southern portion of the hike also quite beautiful…

For more nature posts click on the photo below…..

nature-notes2 Stay tuned for Two Ocean Lake Hike Part 2


  1. I LOVE going on these "virtual" hikes with you. What a fabulous place! Definitely on my list of places to visit!!

    Your pics are FABULOUS!

  2. Another amazing series of photographs. I love every single one of them. I'm so glad you are having fun.

  3. You are outdoing yourself! I'm loving this segment of your journey! These are absolutely wonderful pictures!

    Two Ocean Lake?

  4. Dawn what a wonderful hike... Loved all of your photos and they always look so professional... Just like postcards... Your close-ups are outstanding! Have fun!!! Can't wait to see part 2!

    Travel Safe

  5. Gorgeous photos Dawn... love love love looking at them!

  6. Ugh, you are having way too much fun!

    Get back to florida! Enjoy our 95 degree heat index!

    Amazing photo's Dawn! I hope I can go there some day.


  7. Absolutely gorgeous everything!!!

  8. Some great photos over the last few posts - Tetons makes the Green Mountains look like bumps in the road. Hardly a bad angle to look at them; they are dramatic.

  9. Whether it is Alfred or Winston, he is sticking out his tongue!

  10. Well I think these are absolutely lovely, but then all your pictures are. I am really enjoying traveling along with you the lazy way.

  11. Wow!
    Such amazing color. What a beautiful place. NICE WORK!

  12. This looks like such an enchanting place! It's really quite beautiful and breathtaking! Great photos!

  13. You've blown me away. I'm ready to hop on a plane and move to your area. These are magnificent, from the spatial views to the colors to the cool closeups.

  14. Dawn!
    WE WANT YOUR LIFE! Wow, your photography is really amazing. Loving the dew drops... keep 'em coming!

    Have a good weekend ... wherever you may be!

  15. Oh man..I really need to get out that way. Holy cow what beauty and you captured it all so well. Those look like fall colors don't they sort of? Beautiful. Thank you for taking Nature Notes along on your hike...sigh.. Michelle

  16. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely colourful views!

  17. Exquiste series as always Dawn! It's been nearly 30 years since I've seen the Tetons and your photos remind me of the beauty that I remember.

  18. Dawn,
    Oh wow!! What gorgeous color you found with this series of photos! Love all the vistas, putting that thistle in front of that orange makes for a popping pic..and neat tree..but the lol one of alfred or too funny. Looks like a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Dawn, all so beautiful! I love the Tetons! I use to be able to see them in the distance from where I lived in Idaho! That was a long time ago but it is a place I will never forget! Your photos are gorgeous and you and Gaelyn must have really strong legs with all that hiking! So pretty! I was wondering if your orange trees were larches but the shape didn't quite look right. However,the color does.

  20. Another great hike, the Tetons are beautiful as usual and those orange trees are stunning. Great photos and thanks for taking me on the hike with you.

  21. Wonderfulous scenery sicksta!

  22. Dawn-
    Looks like the butterfly is a Satyr Comma- common out west- but it would be a life-species for me! Thanks for posting an opportunity to use my Kaufman Focus Guide! :)

    Great day in the field! Cheryl

  23. Dawn,these images are spectacular. The best landscapes I've seen in a long, long time.


    Mary (Jealous in NC)

  24. So impressed! Loved my virtual hike with you. :-)

  25. Kerri
    Glad you are enjoying the virtual hikes..sure wish you could come on them for real!

    Thanks again! Glad you are enjoying the Tetons..

    Thanks you dear silly gal..i wish i had your sense of humor to add to this..but..I will leave that up to you who do it so well..

    Thanks for your very nice comment..I really appreciate it!

    Blogger Missy the Butterfly and Garden Freak
    Thanks Missy! Thanks for stopping by!

    Craig Glenn
    Thanks craig..but i will take the cool Oregon weather now..picking mushrooms..but I might be wanting that warm weather soon! And speaking about are on a fun safari looking for the bug lady..

    Thanks for the kind comment ,,my late night twitter friend!

    Janet Creamer
    Thanks so much Janet.

    Chris Petrak
    Yeah..the green mountains are little bumps compared to the tetons..but awesome just the same..I love Vermont!

    hee hee..u were the only one who even attempted to give me an ID..i see a figure..the back of the figure head turned to the side...arms outstreached...big lips..

    You can travel the lazy with me anytime dear muther!!

    matthew houskeeper
    Thanks Matthew! I enjoy your sailing adventures too..Must say hello when we are back to visit our family in Ledyard, CT

    thanks april, you camera would be taking lots of pics here!!

    Howdee Gel and welcome..I dont live in the tetons..but travel full time in an was able to spend over a week there...awesome place that you must visit!

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    Howdee you two..I keep telling you that this life is available to sell your an RV and hit the road..come on.I am waiting!!!

    Nature Notes should take a trip to the Tetons and would love it..and take thousands of photos!!

    :: flyingstars ::
    Thank you and thanks for visiting!

    Thirty years John? well do yourself a favor..when u graduate school..take a vacation to Yellowstone and the Tetons..

    Thanks for the compliments Tina..hee u see winston in the cloud?

    You lived in Idaho? another beautiful place.
    You know i dont know what the trees are..we didnt hike out to see them..but they were the only ones out there..striking color..

    Thanks for the comment eileen..and please come along on my hikes any time!!

    Thanks Sicksta!

    Weedpicker Cheryl
    Thanks so much for the ID...yeah they were common ..saw a few
    Thanks for stopping by Cheryl!

    Thanks Mary..Glad you enjoyed!!

    RJ Flamingo
    Thanks..and glad you came along!!

    Thanks glad you enjoyed the photos and hike!!

  26. Wow, it's just so beautiful! I really liked those bright orange trees standing out from all the others.

  27. The colors are like on a child's bright picture!!!


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