Monday, October 12, 2009

A day drive in the Tetons

Howdee all,

September 13th, Jeff, Sicksta Charlene, her husband Tom and I went for a drive in the Tetons.

First stop a small pond. Lots of swallows flying around the pond and stopping to rest on the log fence.

Drive in tetons_20090913_001 Grasses and ducks …behind the log fence..

Drive in tetons_20090913_004

The day began clear with a thin blankets of clouds…

and patches of blue sky

Drive in tetons_20090913_006

in this photo below you can see that the clouds are thicker above us.Drive in tetons_20090913_023  A common bird in the area.

MagpieDrive in tetons_20090913_025 As we drove the Tetons came into view

Drive in tetons_20090913_028so majestic..Drive in tetons_20090913_032Check out this interesting cloud layer..Does the Top of this Teton help make this cloud angle? …Drive in tetons_20090913_036

   We stopped at the new visitor centre..Very nice designDrive in tetons_20090913_078From inside ..large windows give you the large Teton viewsDrive in tetons_20090913_042 And a very nice interpretive center and gift shop inside

Drive in tetons_20090913_049

From the outside of the visitor Center…i get carried awayDrive in tetons_20090913_058Again…

I seem to do that allot…too many photos..Drive in tetons_20090913_069I then change to wide angle shots

This one below I feature the sky

Drive in tetons_20090913_071And then closer wide angle shots..

Drive in tetons_20090913_067

and closerDrive in tetons_20090913_065

I switch to 4.3 aspect Ratio…and zoom in..Drive in tetons_20090913_060 Back to the wide angle…another close up..Drive in tetons_20090913_062

  A different angle…trying to capture the light hitting the mountains…Drive in tetons_20090913_063And then I zoom in to try and capture the light shining on the snow …  Drive in tetons_20090913_061     As we leave….I take one last shot from the visitor center…with Trees in the foreground. Drive in tetons_20090913_074 We continue our drive…the cloud blanket becomes thicker…..

Drive in tetons_20090913_081The blanket of clouds thicken even more and starts to cover the remaining blue…..Drive in tetons_20090913_082 Leaving a think Blanket of white above the mountains…Drive in tetons_20090913_083 When I see this photo below..

i think it looks like a poster backdrop in front of the carsDrive in tetons_20090913_087 Views of the Tetons from Jenny LakeDrive in tetons_20090913_089 Ok…so which Teton photo Drive in tetons_20090913_090 Do you like?…

Some are so very similar…like these with more clouds (above) the other(below) with more trees..

I probably should have tried this particular shot in 4.3, just to see how it would like with allot more sky.Drive in tetons_20090913_091

Some of these photos are very similar…yet different..Do you like wide angle shots…or the 4.3 ratio? Do you like more sky or more foreground?

I tend to favor sky…..but still playing around with this new point and shoot…


I am at the coast in Florence, Oregon, taking care of a friends home. Jeff went back to Junction City where Homey is and will oversee the tile work.,,and other renovations.

I can wait to see the final product!

I now have internet after several days here on the coast with pretty much non existent internet..So see you soon on facebook and twitter!!!!!!


  1. Nice post on the the Tetons, it is one of my favorite places too. The visitors center is gorgeous but not as gorgeous as those mountains.

  2. ...just another AMAZING place to visit, and it's all in a days work for you! I would crazy shooting these beautiful landscapes too... (it does look like a backdrop--so perfect it can't be real sort of thing!)
    I like the eBird listing you've got at the bottom. I just checked Ohio and there's a Bell's Vireo about an hour from my home. I wish I could get over to see it. Possibly tomorrow morning...

  3. I would be just like you, I don't when to stop snapping. And then I cannot pick my favorite. They are all great photos.

  4. OH Dawn, WOW WOW WOW. I can't choose a favorite Teton photo. They just kept getting better!!!

    You and I are alike. Carried away, yes, carried away with that camera.

    How many times have I said how fortunate you are to visit so many lovely places?

    Would love to see a Magpie one day. Very cool bird.


  5. More wonderful pictures Dawn, I felt like I was there.

  6. I've been really enjoying your Teton series. It looks like such a beautiful park!

  7. I think I like the sixth one down the best. Equal amounts of foreground, mountain, sky... so beautiful Dawn!!

  8. Wonderful photographs once again. You're so lucky to have such good weather. Send us some of the sunshine to the NC Outer Banks where it has rained since we arrived.

    That visitor center is beautiful, but it doesn't look bird friendly with all that reflective glass.

  9. All I can see is that the PBS program on the National Parks has gotten me needing to go visit them. The scenery is just awe inspiring and I am enjoying all your photos.. Michelle

  10. Love the pictures of Jenny Lake and the Teton. You can't tell I like lakes can ya. I couldn't pick out which picture I liked best. They are all great in their different ways. What kind of new point and shoot camera did you get?

  11. Goodness; I would not mind having a taste of this kinda life. Thanks for sharing it with us--I will think of those Tetons tomorrow while in my windowless office!

  12. Thanks for the spectacular Teton introduction! I've never been and really ashamed to say this is the first time I have come across it.

    The colors, the landscapes, and your photo tours have made me add it to my list of places to visit.

  13. Which camera are you using? The wide angle closeups are wonderful, but then I don't think you could take a bad shot even with the lens cap on.

    What are the temps there?

    Who has Ballie?

  14. Love the architecture of that visitor's center. I can't pick a favorite photo, but you can never get a bad shot of the Tetons!

  15. Very nice photos Nob. Did you use the point in shoot for all of them or just the ones at the end? What setting do you have it on? I am not sure what the best overall setting is so I keep changing it.

  16. eileeninmd
    You are right, man made beauty cant compete with natural beauty

    Yeah you would be a crazy photo clicker here too! Just wondering if u ever saw the vireo?

    Glad to see I am not the only crazy photo snapper here! I am in good company!

    yes..carried away..I am that for sure..
    and cant decide which pic to just use them all..LOL

    Thank you dear muther...u sure look cute in my glasses!

    Thanks John..
    Tetons is one of my fav places to visit!

    Thanks Jayne...i like your choice for favorite pic.

    you know I never asked about the glass and how many birds might fly into it...good question.

    Rambling Woods
    I thought the PBS series was awesome..made me think how important it is to keep saving land.

    I have the panosonic lumixDmC ZS3 camera with 12x zoom..small camera..

    you are most must put on a nice screensaver on your computer in your windowless office.

    Scott A. ( should be on your list..along with yellowstone..both can be seen the same tour.

    I am using the panasonic lumix DmC ZS3..i usually take the lens cap of...hee hee
    ballie is with us...traveling..

    yeah the architecture is quite nice ..but I wonder now how bird friendly it is.

    I used the point and shoot for all ..and i keep changing the settings..I do use vivid allot.

    Thanks again everyone for commenting..I appreciate it ..and it makes me feel I am not talking to myself..tee hee

  17. I'd like to see a magpie.-Great photos of the mountains too.

  18. Wow, I'd so like to visit that area again someday. Your photos are wonderful Dawn, and I especially liked the magpie too!


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