Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yachats Mushroom Festival..The dinner

Howdee all,

Last weekend Jeff and I attended the 10th annual Yachats Mushroom Fest

We started going to this event about 9 years ago when we first learned about mushroom picking in Oregon. We love this event and go whenever we are in the area.

mushroom festival_20091016_012The

kickoff of the weekend of walks, displays, sales and lectures is

The Friday night mushroom dinner. Thirty dollars a head.

This year all the proceeds went to benefit the public trails at the Gerdemann Botanical Preserve..

The cakes and deserts below are auctioned off at the end of the dinner..

mushroom festival_20091016_003mushroom festival_20091016_009mushroom festival_20091016_014

Young woodland fairies helped serve the meal. 
mushroom festival_20091016_004

The menu

Menu Items donated by local restaurants.mushroom festival_20091020_064

Mushroom almond Pate in Puff pastrymushroom festival_20091016_019Wild mushroom tapenade toastsmushroom festival_20091016_020Our hostess decked out as a Cauliflower mushroom fairy.mushroom festival_20091016_022Entertainment by the Woodlands Triomushroom festival_20091016_023French Onion and Morel Soup

mushroom festival_20091016_027Puff pastry Salmon with Chanterelle Creammushroom festival_20091016_028Mushroom salad with Parma Ham and Chicken of the Woods Polenta with Cauliflower Fungus Cream.mushroom festival_20091016_029Stuffed shells with Wild Oregon Mushrooms and Heirloom Tomato Sauce mushroom festival_20091016_030Candy Cap Mushroom Cakemushroom festival_20091016_024The Auction went well with many cakes going from 50 to 100 dollars..

This particular cake went for 300 dollars..and the woman who donated sat at our table ..we all enjoyed this wonderful mousse cake! mushroom festival_20091016_033 If you are ever at the Oregon Coast in October, and you love mushrooms, I highly recommend this event.

My Utube Video from 2006 Mushroom festival


We are finally at the coast, parked in our friends Driveway, where we will stay for a few weeks…picking mushrooms and visiting.

Sorry Muther and Sickstas for not getting the renovation photos up yet…

Jeff took a few..but i really want to take my own..and ..well…I have been too busy picking mushrooms …all day…….cleaning mushrooms ..spending time with friends in the evening………and then crashing..…….so no time…

I am writing this post at 6 in the morning.

We have friends coming from Eugene to the coast today to pick mushrooms with us..

Tonight dinner with Jim and some of his friends and family…

Fun…busy…miss U all online…

Hope to catch up soon!



  1. All I can say is YUMMY!! I love mushrooms and miss the days we used to go out and pick them. Excellent photos as always Dawn!

  2. I am So Jealous! That menu looks so scrumptious and I haven't eaten or picked NW mushrooms in way too long. I'd want to taste it all. Did you? Good luck out there in the woods and enjoy the coast for a while.

    I'm getting settled in for the next month with real walls after 9 consecutive years in an RV. Sure can appreciate a face lift. Look forward to seeing what you've done.

  3. Oh my goodness, I am hungry. That looks like so much fun. I'll watch the video after I clean..

  4. I just read the video was from 2006. Made my mouth water while I was watching it anyway..

  5. "Dawn's Bloggy Blog" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  6. Some of those dishes look simply mouthwatering! I admit I did sort of cringe at the "Cauliflower Fungus Cream" but I am sure it was delicious!

  7. Amazing to see so many mushroom main dishes. Each one looks delicious.

  8. Oh, they do look fabulous! LOL! Wasn't expecting the fairies, but of COURSE they should be there!

    Yes, the rest of us want to see the new upholstery, et al, too!

  9. Well the mushrooms looked good. My mouth sprung a leak at some point ha. Have fun doing all you dos but didn't I mention the other night that one picture would only take a moment to upload. JUST ONE!!!! THATS ALL I'M ASKIN FOR....ONE. DO IT!!!!

  10. Wow, was I ever drooling when I read that post! :-P

  11. Every one of those dishes looks great!!! I really enjoyed seeing them.

    My fave dessert right now, I just had the Toffee Cake thingy at Claim Jumper. OMG was it good.

    I need to find a recipe for it.

    Hope you get your new computer soon. I've been so busy with family I haven't had much of a chance to blog or visit.

  12. Howdee friends ..Sorry it has taken so long to respond to your comments..As most of you know my computer took almost a week for me to choose a i am setting up my new dell..I am going slow to make sure everything is working well.

    I have picked some mushrooms when on the east coast..I am sure Maine has wonderful wild edibles. ..I suppose you dont have much time now,with school, to go out and do much. Take care..hope all goes well with school.

    you are going to have a fixed foundation???i need to get to your blog and find out why...the mushrooms were great and of course i tried everything...stuffed..

    Hey tinky..wish u were with me to eat all the shroom dishes..I know how much the both of us love to eat...u would have had fun!

    Thanks it was a blast.

    Thanks for including me in your sunday drive.

    hee hee..the cauliflower fungus cream was good..what they should have called it cauliflower mushroom cream..sounds better that fungus.

    they were all yummy...way to much food.

    yeah fairies and mushrooms go together...I always see a few when i go picking..tee hee..
    as far as the renovation...i will post photos sometime soon...
    i lost all the before photos when the computer crashed...bummer...

    I should pass u a napkin for your drooling..but u must have stopped by now...and of course u have all that yumm sauce.

    hee hee...heres a drool cloth for you too..

    Here is a recipe that might be like your claim jumper recipe
    I know how it is not to visit blogs ...i have been busy traveling ..visiting internet i havent been visiting as frequently either..

    Thanks all...
    hope to visit u all soon.

  13. I thought that there must have been meals only from mushrooms


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