Sunday, October 04, 2009

I interrupt the Teton Series

Howdee all,

I interrupt the Teton series to bring you my Favorite Saturday market..

Eugene Saturday Market

Yesterday Jeff and I went to the Market…it has been three years.

I love this market.

There is an Entertainment stage…Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_009


Food booths…with Tofu…and other healthy treats Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_010

Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_011

They use stainless utensils at all the food plastic utensils here.

After you use the utensil you bring it to the bins…where they go back and are washed.

Recycling at the MarketEugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_012

The food is all amazing…Truly!Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_013

A view from the seating area toward the performance tent..Great entertainment!

Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_015

A photo taken of the artist vendors across the street…great stuff!
Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_017

And my favorite Farmers marketEugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_018

This vendor Roasts peppers as you wait.Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_020

Organic Everywhere…below..some Chanterelle mushrooms for sale in the white bin.

I will be picking some today! Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_022

Lovely displays of produceEugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_024

I want to buy it all!Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_025

I do bring home some berriesEugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_029

Can you say Organic! Small farms..Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_030

And in a area across the street…

this wonderful drumming…and Did I say Hippies…well yep..

Eugene has a lost hippie colony….I love them….some sell their hippie wares…

Eugene Skies and Sat market_20091003_016 Others drum

All of us had a great time!

Next post..

Back to the Tetons……


  1. I love the Eugene Sat Market. There's a little bit of everything, including the want-to-be hippies. How fun.

  2. What a great spot! I'm so glad you took time to show this place. I'd go nuts there! Is it open year-round?

    It looks like a great model for other cities.

  3. All these food pictures are making me hungry!

  4. that fresh produce was as lovely and colorful as the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. I knew I would love this blog. Thanks noblin hob goblin.

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  6. Wow, what a cool place. I will have to check that out next time I head to the west coast. I will have to look at the video when I get home from work..

  7. What a fun and eclectic market!

  8. community markets & fairs are such fun

  9. With food like that I'd interupt the series too! After all, a girls got to eat!

    The colored vegetables were made to be photographed. WOW! Love it all Dawn!

  10. Wow hopefully that will be there next year when we visit. I loved it and looks like it has so many great things to buy. I had to go read all your last post because I've been in the deep woods and had not outside connection... Come on over and see my mushrooms... Ever since you turned me on to them I notice them everywhere... LOL

    Have Fun & Travel Safe!

  11. I spent a week in Eugene in the early 1990s and would love to go back one of these days. What a great city! The Eugene Saturday Market looks so lively and fun (the veggies look incredible!).

  12. Looks like a place I would enjoy! Will have to make a point to check it out when we are in that area.

  13. Looks like lots of fun and very colorful photos.That's great that they use metal instead of plastic-every little bit helps.

  14. Gaelyn are right! I love the Eugene sat market!

    As far as i know the market is open year round...You would love it!

    Arizona Girl
    hee hee..Hope you got something to eat!

    Thanks..but I will opt out this time...!
    I think merrilymarylee has tons of funny stories!

    Yeah...i think a few hours drive from Joes parents place. u would love it

    yeah..very eclectic...but one thing i did notice...very few black people...i wonder why..

    Chris Petrak
    yeah..we always try to go to them when we travel.

    A New England Life
    Thanks Sharon, yeah I love the produce there...and so much more Organic then any market I have been to.

    Hope I helped with a few mushroom ids..i tell u it is very difficult..there are soooooo many shrooms out there.

    Erica Houskeeper
    Thanks..yeah you should come back and visit..probably hasnt changed much at all...a great place!

    Let me know when you are in the area..I have lots of suggestions!

    yeah..i was very impressed about the use of metal utensils and all the recycle bins..


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