Monday, October 26, 2009

Computer Crashed

Howdee all,

I am typing this via Jeffs computer, my computer crashed...looks like the hard drive is a goner.
So I hope to get a new computer very hopefully..
Best Buy has a Dell computer on sale this week that looks pretty good.

So I did loose a few photos that I wanted...the before photos of the coach being worked on...otherwise my latest back up was a month ago..and most of my photos that were lost were on my Blog, thank goodness.

It will take a while to get the new computer set up ...
Hope to be back and running by the end of the week.

Oh well...
See You all then!


  1. What a bummer! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed over my computer. Hope you get up and running again quickly.

  2. OMG I hate it when that happens... It was us last year but luckily I had backed up my photos... I am going right now and back up my last couple of batches....LOL

    Travel Safe & Have FUN!

  3. That stinks Dawn. I'm having computer issues too. It's starting to shut off again whenever it feels like it. I backed all my pictures and videos up this weekend on a dvd. I most likely will be taking it in soon. I was just getting ready to purchase Windows 7 too. Looks like I will do it when I get it back.

  4. ...oh no! That is not fun. Good luck... I haven't yet had that happen with any of my Macs, but it did happen when I had a Dell PC with Windows. (Try a'll love it!) :-)

  5. bummer - hope your computer recovery goes smoothly

  6. It's always something, isn't it? Good luck with finding a new computer Dawn.

  7. Hey! that is always a mess...ours crashed about a year ago. Hang in there, Dawn.

  8. Ooh, sorry to hear that, Dawn! It's never a good time for it, is it? Good luck getting up and running again.

  9. Thanks everyone for your sympathy ..I see some of you have had similar problems with your computers..
    Surprisingly I am handling this quite well..Mostly because I did back up about a month ago..and blogger has most of the pictures on it now that I hadnt backed up.. will just take some time setting up the new computer to my liking..
    Still dont have a new computer..
    Been busy with friends visiting in the
    maybe by the end of this week I will have a new computer..
    Hope to be blogging and blog reading soon..
    playing catch up

  10. What a blasted bummer! I know what it's like. Backup, backup, backup!

  11. Sorry about the crash. Why not just put in a new hard drive and put the new Windows 7 on it. I have been busy putting it on mine and it seems to be a nice system. One reason I haven't been writing on my blog so much. I let mine do a clean install, so I am reloading STUFF!
    Keep up the great blogs

  12. Dawn,
    Too bad about your computer..hope you get what you like and have it up and running soon..just looked at all those mushroomy desserts and eats! Ummm I know you LOVE mushrooms and I bet you really enjoyed this meal!

  13. A good computer guy can retrieve stuff off your dead hard drive, so don't think all is lost, it might not be. And, if you can afford it, get a Macbook Pro (laptop). I started using Mac's about three years ago and LOVE it. I have no use for my old PC, and my mac runs windows (although I never use it), so I have the best of both worlds. Good luck with your new computer. hugs from Hundewanderer.

  14. bobbie
    Howdee Bobbie..I am up and running..not totally as before..I am installing programs only as I need them. Hope your computer is running well.

    yeah..Back up Back up Back up..thank goodness i backed up a month ago..and have all my best photos on the blog..I think I can also have someone retrieve info from my old computer.

    Wait on installing windows 7..especially on an older brother says..wait six months..i had no choice, so far the dell seems to handle it well.

    Almost went with a mac..maybe next computer..the macs were twice as much as the pc.

    Chris Petrak
    thanks Chris..almost up and running as normal

    Thanks Ruthie..yeah always something..thank goodness this is just a computer issue..

    Thanks Cindy..I am almost up and running as far i love my new dell.

    Thanks...hope to be visiting u all soon...cyber visits that is.

    yeah..u know it..back up back up back up...

    leesbirdblog old laptop wasnt worth putting in a new operating system..better just to get a new laptop..with a 17 inch
    Good luck with your computer and windows 7

    It was an awesome meal Tina...i am still eating mushrooms..and picking..

    I am almost back in full swing..see u soon!

    Thanks..I thought about buying a mac...maybe next time..pcs are half the price...

    Thanks again everyone..hope to visit you all soon in cyberspace


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