Saturday, November 08, 2008

Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Howdee all,
Had a nice day at Prime Hook Wildlife Refugee...Still more great places to discover here on the Delaware coast...I think we may come back here for some spring birding.
We were there early am to see the snow geese take off for the day..they come back at night. The snow geese winter here after migrating from the Arctic.
It is also duck hunting season here......and the last of the mosquito's...
Despite the gunshot sounds and the bites...we had a nice day birding...


  1. Oh poor ducks! It must be difficult being bird watches and you meet up with bird hunters. It looks as though you were really bundled up. It has been lovely here the last few days temp wise. Chicky

  2. That's a lot a geese! That is so awesome!

  3. Looks like it's still peak leaf season. Very scenic. I'm assuming the Delaware River Valley is a major migratory pathway ... judging from number of birds.

  4. yes robert...a great place to be for fall migration..and we are told spring is just as good if not better because of all the warblers...

  5. Hi Dawn, It sounds like you guys have a great life, traveling around, birding and enjoying the great outdoors. I think I would have had a little problem birding with all the hunters around. I enjoyed the video and I really like your site. I will return when I have more time!


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