Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Assateague National Wildlife refuge..and another quiz...

Howdee all,

It was a cold morning here in assateague and I didn't want to get out of bed....we have no electrical hookups for the Homey here and rely on our no heat used unless it is necessary. At night we keep the temp around in the am its chilly...
This morning when we turned the heat on it seemed like it took forever to warm i just hung out in bed and read my birdie blogs.
Jeff went out birding in the am...when he got home we ate lunch ..
We decided to go for an exercise walk up to the state park and back along the beach...
Its so nice to have the beach to one there this time of year....We love off season...
We did a little birding...saw a red throated loon...a lifer for us...Jeff did most of the looking up..
as i was having fun looking down to see what treasures i could find in the sand....

Which brings me to the quiz....
What plastic item was most seen this beach...leftover from beach goers ....
and a bonus question is what is the second most plastic item seen on the beach???
Good luck...

below is where we are camped at the refugee...
there are only two others in our section of the campground...we have a lovely site on the bay side...with views of the water...rather than the ocean side with views of the dunes...
we are also visited by some of the wild horses..


  1. Hmmm, I have no idea for your beach where you are, but over here I see plastic spoons, straws and bottle caps.

  2. nope...good try...i will give a hint after i hear from chicky and dellare

  3. Those plastic ring things that holds soda bottles and soda cans together. Plastic sandwich bags! Chicky

  4. The beach I walk I see alot of plastic water bottles and cups. Second most...I guess utensils.

  5. ok is a hint..think of things people might loose while in the water....

  6. sunglasses from chicky

  7. I will say plastic bags and plastic shovels second. or sunglasses first and shovels second just in case muudder lie and not write it on comments

  8. And the winner is.....Chicky...yes i found over thirty pair of sunglasses..all scratched and worn...must have been in the water for a about twenty of the second most plastic item...can u guess that too???

  9. ok ..its sorta related to glasses

  10. Under water glasses


ok what do you really think?????