Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nice day for a fire and digging holes

Howdee all.

Its been cold....I guess most of the east coast is involved in this cold in Ct. and Boston are getting some real cold temps so I shouldn't complain too much...but Burrrrrrrrrrrr...

Today after a nice lunch at the Pik n Pig BBQ...we worked off some calories by raking leaves and a gazillion hickory nuts that are all over the ground here. Anyone have any ideas of what we can do with all these nuts? I am thinking of hiring some squirrels. Too many nuts...I did find some recipes online for Hickory nuts believe it or not...might try a few.

We had a nice bonfire....
The pups dug holes so that we could fill them with hickory nuts...thanks kali and jack...good idea.

let me explain the picture below....I am sitting in Jacks chair...and he really doesnt appreciate it...he tries every which way to get his chair back...and this particular night he crawled up on my back...hoping to force me out of his chair.....ha...he ended up slipping down behind me...and got most of his chair back...what a silly pup.

this is what we did when you were working dell...


  1. I loved the blog. The music was cool. Funny to see what I missed.

  2. Neat fire! Looks like you burnt off all those lunch calories too. Chick

  3. I could smell those leaves burning from here.

  4. Dawn, You really should be in Arizona. It's sunny and 79 today. Had dinner with Lena and Steve last night. Judy flew in for Thanksgiving and will be here for a week. We will be thinking of you two on Thanksgiving over mash potatoes and gravy, and of course turkey. Keep warm!

  5. Jack is a silly pup. Looks like you guys were busy with the leaves. The barbeque place sounds yummy.


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