Tuesday, November 18, 2008

North Carolina cold...ah NUTS!

Howdee all,
Well here we are in our November spot, where we will make our Home for a bit over a month.
We are nestled nicely between two large trees. A large oak tree and a Hickory nut tree.

Did I say Nuts...Yikes....It has been a banner year here for nuts...and if anyone would like.. I think we could spare a few...
Jeff had to go out and get some cardboard to protect the top of Homey from attacks...
It sure does wake you up when one of those nuts falls from several feet above us onto our roof..
I think Jeff and I will be busy raking up some nuts and leaves...

I am going to try and cook up one of these tubers from Adele's sweet potatoes vine.
Aren't they pretty?

We put up our bird feeders..put down the door matt...hooked up the satellite...
and we are settled in.

Nuts....its cold too....


  1. Yikes! those are lots of nuts. You should fit in nicely.. ha ha.. let us know how those tubers are..

  2. This is the first I am looking at your blog.I can really appreciate the lifestyle you are living now.I'm sure it has it's challenges but it sounds like a lot of fun.

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