Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Resort and Ballie stops snorting...

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I had the grouper, Adele had the filet and Jeff went traditional.

Howdee all,

Here's hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving. Jeff, Dell and I went to Pinehurst and ate a most delicious and beautiful meal. Check out the pictures...are those not lovely presentations?
Craigy took good care of us....I don't have any pictures of Craig...too bad he looked quite dapper in his dark suit.
After our early dinner we enjoyed walking around the resort and sitting in the rocking chairs and basking in the warm sunshine.
What a great day.

And the kicker was Ballie....
for over three weeks now he has snorted and became progressively worse the last few days...we knew he was uncomfortable and not himself. He wanted to be fed with a spoon...and didn't purr much or act like his normal whiny self. I had to resort to earplugs at night when he slept by my head. Note...the video of nuthatch...background snorts of ballie....
It seemed that something was blocking his nasal passage. We were intending to bring him to the Vet this morning. When sometime last evening he seemed to be breathing normally.
This morning he purred, meowed and whined and ate his food normally. And is now taking his morning nap with out snoring.
Either he was faking and when I mentioned the vet he decided he best stop the charade
..... or the blockage passed.
Whatever it was....Thanks...


  1. The food looked yummy and pretty. Glad you guys had a great time.

    Ballie sounds like Ping with his nose. We are always on the verge of bringing Ping in and then she sounds better..

  2. I am glad ballie has stopped snorting and that you can get some sleep.

  3. So, Ballie is a cat! My husband is convinced we can travel with our cat, in our SUV! I'm not so sure about that.
    I found you because you linked to my blog. Thank you. I look forward to exploring your fascinating blog more thoroughly.

  4. Your dinner is absolutely gorgeous! I bet it was as yummy as it looks.

    My cats all have minor colds right now which happens whenever there is a change in season. As long as I don't see anything coming out of their noses and they are eating allright, I don't bring them to the vet. It lasts a week and I keep my humidifyer on. Maybe it's a cold? I am glad he is feeling better.

  5. Now, this is a fancy Thanksgiving. Almost too pretty to eat.....


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