Monday, November 17, 2008

Cliffs of Neuse State Park

Howdee all,
Today Homey was in service...getting stuff like generator service...and a few other odds and ends done... So Jeff and I looked for a park nearby and found Cliffs of Neuse state park...
The park has steep cliffs bordering the Neuse river...the path we took led us for a bit by the river ...then wandered into the forest.

crunchy brown carpet

baby maples holding onto their color
bald cypress

little knees

Woodland treasures


  1. Mudder was right the pictures are beautiful.

  2. Wow, those pictures are cool. It reminds me of something you would see in a photographers book.

  3. You really got the essences of this state park. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. It is amazing what you can find in the Fall! Love Chicky

  4. ooh dawn, looks like you guys stopped at a great spot cause those pics came out wonderful..

    nice job!

  5. I like all the different beautiful colors. Looks like a nice place to explore. What a great lifestyle to travel around!


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