Monday, March 03, 2008

Beautiful art ....Doodles by Tara

Howdy all....

Please check out the doodles that my niece Tara does....
They are wonderful.....magical....and make me happy to look at them.
I think she needs to sell these somehow...
I dont know how large the originals are....
but they would certainly make great fabrics, cards, art for walls....etc....
Any ideas?

Check out the website Lori made for her art doodles.....
Doodles by Tara


  1. Hey nob, the colored doodles are on 9x12 paper. I am going to scan them and see how the scans come out. It is hard to take a photo of them because the sides of the paper curl. I sent Tara some mock ups of them done as cards and a calendar using iPhoto. There is also a site called Cafe Press that she could upload the photos too and have things made from them that people can ordee right from that site. Of course, if she ever decides to she can sell them on the great hand made site called
    Tara is also going to design a special tattoo for us. Me, Tara, Missy and Barb are all going to get it as a family thing. You want to get a tattoo too?

  2. Oh, I forgot, there is a blog entry for the Doodle page on my site if anyone wants to leave a comment there. Also you can click on each photo in the album page and leave a comment for any photo. Tara would love to read comments! Lori

  3. Lori,
    Let me know what your tattoo looks like before you go. You never know if I may want one too. I always said if I got one it would be a tiny fairy or a pug.


  4. yup.. we sure are.. i am itching to get another one... we have to wait and see what tara comes up with.. but i cannot wait.. then the next one i'm getting is a few butterflies flying up my forearm.. very small baby ones though.. nothing gawdy and huge.. bring on the pain!

  5. The doodles are fantastic, the tattoos not!

  6. Ha. I think someone's mother left that comment. tee hee


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