Sunday, March 09, 2008

A day with Bill and Lila

Howdy all,

Jeff and I drove up to Mesa last week and spent the day with Bill and Lila Jolly.
Went to opening day game of spring training for the Cubs. Toured a house that Bill and Lila are interested in buying, then had a great BBQ dinner at Waldos.
Had a great time..
Thanks Bill and Lila!

See the videos below....

the game

the home

the food


  1. i am testing the comment section....test test...

  2. 3 fun videos for our viewing pleasure -- thanks! Loved the opening for the baseball video. And it was neat to be "looky-loos" at the new house.... And the pulled pork sandwich looked awesome....

  3. That was fun. Have not been to a ballgame in a while. The pork looked good and so did the ribs.


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