Friday, March 14, 2008


Howdy all,

We left Tucson this past Sunday and Jeff has been driving long days ever since....we are now in Orlando.
Will have our satellite fixed here at trac star.

Then onto West Palm Beach to visit my aunt and uncle.
Also have apt. with an oncologist in Cooper City......for Nobbie, they will take a ct scan and we will then know what we are dealing with.

Tomorrow we will visit with Jimmy and Angie who have been staying at Fort Wilderness RV park in Disney... since December....

Sunday we arrive in Palm Beach.

Send some healing energy to our Nobbie.
He is a great little guy....he continues to eat and drink and rest allot.


  1. Oh no, Crazed Driver is on the loose again! Have fun in the sun in FL. Wishes and kisses to Nobbie, too.

  2. stimpie says crunch as many bones as you can get


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