Monday, March 17, 2008

Animal Communicator and Nobbie

Howdy all,

As most of you know our Mr. Nobbie hasn't been doing very well. He has some sort of growth in his head or ear left side....and another tumor type growth on his left side throat area...that continues to get larger... His balance and equilibrium is off, when he shakes he falls over. He can no longer jump to get where he wants to go...but takes one step at a time.

I had made an appointment for him with an Oncologist here in florida to have a CT scan and see what we could do to help him..if anything.

It is hard traveling with a sick pet...It would be much easier for us all if we were in New England
where we have a wonderful vet. Even though we arent there our vet has been very helpful with opinions as we travel with our sick boy...We also met a very nice, caring oncologist in Arizona...but we left the area and couldnt use her services.

Anyway... i keep questioning myself about the right thing to do for Nobbie.. Our daughter Samarrah had used an animal communicator to help her with issues her cat was having. ..and she suggested I use her.
I wasn't able to reach her last night..but left a message.

So this morning poor nob was not doing well...he just wanted to sleep in a corner. would not eat.
I thought the end was near. We just let him sleep and I canceled the appointment for the CT scan.
As we were leaving around four thirty to go to my aunt and uncles the animal communicator called...i let her know the situation and she asked for a picture, which i emailed to her...of nobbie and of ballie....then she said she will speak to them and email me back or call. I said to email and that i would call if i had more questions.

When we got home...nobbie came out of his hiding place and wanted to eat. I fed him...and Ballie. Turned on the computer and got the message from the animal communicator.
this is it....

Hi Dawn,
Connected with Nobbie earlier (after our conversation) and then again just now (8:00 central time) seems as though he's feeling a little better this evening. Hopefully he came out and had a little snack and/or drink. I feel as tho he has a better outlook than even a few hours ago. Anyway, when I connected earlier, here's the info received:
He is feeling quite a bit of nausea (caused by the dizziness) and a real "foggy" sensation in his head. Did you mention he has lost a little hearing? I felt a fairly constant, dull ache in the head area. That combined with the dizziness makes him feel quite disoriented. I think your decision not to take him in to the doctor's office today was right on, he made it very clear he did not want to go into the vet. He feels pretty awful, and a trip to the vet combined with all the stresses involved would have made his condition much worse. While he did not want to take the trip in to the vet, he's quite open to a "house call" -- someone coming in to try to help him feel better. Does anyone do that sort of thing in your area? I know those services are tough to find...
Nobbie said, "I feel as though I am in twilight right a world between the worlds. For now, I wish to be left alone. I have no fear about what may come...please tell Dawn that. Please release the fear in your heart and celebrate the love we shared, for that will live on for eternity."
He continued, "my sweet family, I love you, remember the sun-filled days by the flowers. This is what I see when I close my eyes, and it is beautiful. I am trying to feel better, I do not want to be stirred right now. I feel as though I will transition easily when the time comes. For now, we will take each minute as it comes. Keep the light in your heart shining, we will be together forever."
At this point, Nobbie seemed tired and desired to be alone, so I thanked him for his time and asked if he had anything to say in parting. He said that he wanted to give you a bouquet of Spring flowers, "for it is Spring, a time of renewal and re-birth!" He expressed his deep love and gratitude for such a wonderful life.
Bali - connected with Bali as well..physically is feeling fine (did not pick up on any trouble spots right now). Understands what is going on with Nobbie and, altho it makes Bali quite sad, is very philosophical about it: "we have been talking with each other, and he's being very strong." At this point, Bali "just wants Nobbie to be released from his illness. If he has to leave his body, he will still be here with us, just in a different form as before. Yes, Nobbie will be here with us forever, for there is a strong bond between he and Dawn."
Hope this is helpful in some small way...I am thinking of you and sending lots of love and light. Let me know how things are going and if I can help further in any way.
Most Sincerely,

I found this communication very helpful....

I still had a few questions for her and emailed them....
havent heard back yet...

Nobbie is now having a drink of water......
And life goes on....


  1. Hi Dawn:
    Very sad and poignant. Very neat entry. We continue to send good vibes to the Nobster and mama.

    Hang in there,

  2. adorable pics of your baby in the top of this post... sending love to you and your kids... wishing nobbie well..


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