Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nobbies ups and downs

Howdy all,

Nobbie is still with us and had a good day yesterday. Seems like he is having a good morning so far.
He has been sitting on his favorite basket instead of hiding. He purred and also wants his daily beating...please don't be alarmed...he likes being patted with a stick.
He does get annoyed when i try and clean his nose and his ear and give him all the meds.

I still don't feel any difference in the size of the cyst..or whatever it is on his left side throat area.
He does seem to stand a bit more upright...his eye is still partially closed..which I understand is Horners syndrome or nerve damage...don't know if this will rectify when all the swelling and excess tissue goes away.

I am going through own ups and downs with this....If i remember how he was a week ago...I would say he is getting better....
But ...It seems so slow of a recovery...and I am still a bit of a skeptic and wonder if this is all working. I am stressed and need a vacation from this. I cant imagine how parents with very sick children get through it all.

The Reiki healer says the tissue areas are shrinking...and she feels no hot inflammation.
She says it will take a month for the cyst thing to go away...and the one in his head as well.
Says that he should have the teeth taken out when he gets stronger.
He still sleeps allot and hasn't wanted to go he is not back yet...

So we go on with this routine...we leave here on Monday...and will see if our Mr. Nobbie gets better.
below is a letter from the animal communicator...

Hi Dawn,
Thank you for the update & information. I enjoyed reading your blog!
Checked in with Nobbie today, and he seems to be having one of those days where he just wants to lay and rest...the good news is, he feels his body healing, and is quite optimistic that he will recover! He thinks the healer/herbs are helping a great deal and wants to continue her therapy.
Sounds as though you have found a wonderful healer there. I'm so happy for you. It was meant to be that your paths crossed. Nobbiecat will be in my thoughts... Keep me posted, and let me know if I can do anything at all for you!
Most Sincerely,

So who knows.....?????
Time will tell....

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