Sunday, March 02, 2008

Feeling Blue

Having a nice meal with some of our Country coach was real nice to see everyone again..

Howdy all,

Haven't blogged in a while, partially because we were at a rally the week before last..
and mostly because i have been spending evening time with our sick little nobbie...he has some sort of growth or tumor...still have not heard from the oncologist...

It is affecting his left side and i think because it involves a growth in the ear...and also a tumor type growth on the throat area left side, he loses his balance allot. Because of the pressure on a nerve in the area he also has horners syndrome, which means his left eye is not functioning correctly and he keeps it closed.
He still eats and drinks, goes outside for walks.
I have started him on a regime of herbals by Azmira.
Also giving both cats flower essences...dont know if any of this will help our little fur boy...but other than the stumbling he seems comfortable and in no pain.

So please send our fur boy some good healing energy....

I will do a blog shortly on our visit with Bill and Lila Jolly and show you a home they are interested in buying...


  1. Good healing energy being sent through the airwaves to Nobbie and his parents.... Hang in there. He's tough! Wish we were there with you during this hard time.

  2. Hey Dawn,
    I'm saying prayers for Nobbie and Ping every morning...


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