Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter at Janice and Marks

Howdy all,

We had a lovely Easter at Janice and Marks. It was so nice seeing everyone.
The dinner was stupendous....Janice cooked soo much food...and all sooo delicious. Crab dips, and cakes, and quiche..spinach dip and spinach quiche, macaroni and cheese, mashed sweet potato, mashed potato, stuffing, turkey, banana bread...etc...I probably forgot a few things.
Ashley made a wonderful Carrot Cake.

Thanks Janice and Mark for inviting us...

Easter at Janice and Marks


  1. Great photos and video. Great to see the family!

  2. That was fun nob. Thanks for taking us there. We miss them all too. Its been too long since we have seen those faces.

  3. wow... just reading about that food makes me HUNGRY.. she sounds like a wonderful cook... save me some! you can send it overnight to my house! ha ha ..

    cannot wait to see you guys! xoxo


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