Saturday, March 15, 2008

Orlando to Lake Worth

Howdy all,

Arrived in Orlando Friday morning.....had our Satellite worked on......but looks like our problem is not the satellite but the direct TV receiver or card.

We met up with Angie and Jimmy...who have been staying at Disney since December.
They stay at Fort Wilderness RV park...right in Disney. Its a beautiful RV park and they are a boat ride or bus ride away from most attractions.

The picture is taken from the boat ride from the campground to Fort Wilderness Hotel.
Thanks Jimmy for loaning me your raincoat...I didn't need the toilet tissue or the space blanket you had in the pocket...thank goodness.

Today we arrived in Lake Worth where we will be for two weeks, visiting friends and my aunt and uncle.

Its Hot here...Hot...88 today...
tomorrow i will rearrange my clothing storage so that my summer clothes are front and center.


  1. Thanks for explaining why you are wearing that HUGE raincoat! Guess you will be replenishing your shell collection soon, eh?

  2. I guess you will be coming back to NC with a tan.


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