Tuesday, November 05, 2013

MagiCal LaND oF fUnGi….

We stayed at South Beach State park a few nights and decided to move a bit further south, closer to a few more of our favorite mushroom hunting areas.

This is was our great spot at south beach..

second day morn_001

Before leaving we took a spin around the campground. Just a few hundred feet from our site was this Gorgeous King Bolete!

second day morn_002Love Love Love Love…

my only find..

I Want more of these!

Porcini…delicious! second day morn_003

We pack up Homey and drive to our next campground..


We head from south Newport to Florence..

Sutton_007Our next campsite with be at an Elks RV park..

Sutton_017Not to far from the area in the distance..


When we arrive at the campground we are treated with a welcome committee of Wrentits…

Sutton_023and a forest of Amanita..

I never took a photo of our actual campsite.

It was very private and wooded.


The following morning we took a walk on our favorite trail near

 Sutton Campground.

Sutton_029A hardy Fuchsia shrub grows on the side of the trail..

Sutton_030Purdy blossoms…

Sutton_031I found a Boletus but it was bugged out..


Sutton_032We continue through the wooded trail..

Sutton_039Through a forest of moss and lichen..

Looking for our patch of Matsutake mushroom..

Sutton_034We found it!

It was producing a few mushrooms, but not as many as we picked four years ago at this same spot.

These mushrooms are highly prized, especially by  the Japanese and Chinese for its spicy-aromatic odor.

They smell like pine trees..

Sutton_041We continue our walk ..

onto open dunes..


Sutton_048Past assorted mushrooms..

Purple Fairy Club Mushroom, Clavaria purpurea

Sutton_046In beds of lichen and moss..


Sutton_051We leave the dunes and enter the land of Magic..


Where mushrooms bleed…

Hydnellum peckii



and lichen look like soap bubbles on the loose…


Sutton_062I spy a Matsutake smiling at me on the side of the path…

I say hello and pick it to be dried later..

Sutton_055This is the land of giant mushrooms..and magic..

Sutton_058I love it here!

Sutton_064We walk on looking for Porcini or Matsutake..

Sutton_067These look like Birch Boletes to me..

Check out this link to some of the best edible mushrooms in Oregon.

Sutton_072Follow the brown capped shrooms..

Sutton_075We leave the magical forest ..

  via the dunes..

Sutton_078Past turkeytail mushrooms..


Following the steps to the campground we pass this little critter..

Sutton_083A face only a mother could love..

Sutton_089As we cross the bridge to the campground we spook a Barred owl..

It flies a short distance and watches us..

What a great way to end our magical mushroom foray.

Sutton_091Back to Homey and time to cook our finds..

Matsutake from the days foray..

I cook some, freeze and dry what is left.


I sauté remaining Chanterelles from the previous days find and freeze them to enjoy when we are far away from this mushroom filled area....


Ahhh…time to rest.. And repeat!

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