Thursday, November 07, 2013


Jeff wanted to have another go at finding the road we missed last mushroom foray in the

 Siuslaw National Forest.

We drove in another way…

looking for the road that would lead us to mushrooms..

mushrooms and drive to eugene_012As we were looking I saw a few Chanterelles across the road growing on an embankment.

We scurried up and sure enough..

mushrooms and drive to eugene_007There they were…about a gallons worth..

mushrooms and drive to eugene_008While moving to the next spot to pick…

I looked down and my heart skipped a beat..

mushrooms and drive to eugene_001I uncovered a gorgeous, fresh

Cauliflower mushroom!!

Sparassis radicata

Cauliflower fungus is edible. The fruitbodies should be collected in good, fresh condition and thoroughly washed to remove dirt and grit from amongst the lobes.

The fruitbodies have been shown to have anti-tumour properties, and to contain chemicals which may stimulate the immune system and inhibit growth of the 'superbug' MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

mushrooms and drive to eugene_002Look how big it is!

This was a very exciting find!!

mushrooms and drive to eugene_005

While bushwhacking through the woods I try not to disturb spider webs..though I know i must end up with hundreds of spiders on me..

Better than ticks.. Have never had a tick on me in Oregon.

mushrooms and drive to eugene_009We had a productive mushroom foray in the mountains.

We never did find our favorite picking spot..

Will try again when we go back to the coast after our appointment for Homey.

mushrooms and drive to eugene_014We left the mountains and took the coastal road back to our campground..

mushrooms and drive to eugene_015We passed this cool spouting rock..

mushrooms and drive to eugene_022

mushrooms and drive to eugene_020We decided to stop and have a look around another park on our drive back..

We walked to the catch the views..

mushrooms and drive to eugene_039Then explored under the trees to see if we could find any shrooms..

I wanted to find some King Boletes but had no luck.

mushrooms and drive to eugene_023We did find a nice Matsutake..

Just right for grilling!

mushrooms and drive to eugene_041Back at the campground it was time to clean the mushrooms.

I cleaned the Chanterelles..

ChanterllesJeff cleaned the Cauliflower mushroom..


I dried some Chanterelles, dried and froze some of the Cauliflower mushrooms, saving a good amount for cooking.

I ended up making a Cauliflower mushroom stroganoff , sautéed Chanterelles and a potato, hedgehog, chanterelle casserole.


mushrooms and drive to eugene_042

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