Friday, November 22, 2013

We’re Back! and its cold..

Jeff and I and Homey are back on the coast of Oregon..

Its cold..

Frosty mornings here..

We bundled up in our down coats and put on our rain pants for added warmth.


We revisited our favorite area to look for Matsutake mushroom..

IMG_0006_1A mile or so walk in..


Into the lush green world of moss and shrooms.

IMG_0011_1I believe this is a Manzanita Bolete..

I picked one to bring home and try it out. I just need a confirmation on this before I would attempt to eat it.


Leccinum manzanitae is an edible species of bolete fungus in the family Boletaceae. Described as new to science in 1971, it is commonly known as the manzanita bolete for its usual mycorrhizal association with manzanita trees. Its fruit bodies (mushrooms) have sticky reddish to brown caps up to 20 cm (7.9 in), and its stems are up to 16 cm (6.3 in) long and 3.5 cm (1.4 in) thick. They have a whitish background color punctuated with small black scales known as scabers. Found only in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canada, it is the most common Leccinum species in California. The mushroom is edible, although opinions vary as to its quality. L. manzanitate can be usually distinguished from other similar bolete mushrooms by its large size, reddish cap, dark scabers on a whitish stem, and association with manzanita and madrone.

I took it apart to study it.

It has the sticky cap when damp and also stains a greyish color.

I put a photo of this mushroom on the Mushroom ID page in facebook.

I was told to avoid all Lecciums

Read here..

 Wild Mushroom Warning: The Scaber Stalks (Leccinum species) May No Longer Be Considered Safe


One of our picking areas is right before we reach the dunes..

IMG_0015_1Then into the magical land of lichen..


IMG_0030_1We were happy to find several Matsutake along with a handful of Hedgehog mushrooms.

Happy bundled up Me..with a bag of Masutake.



I will freeze some of these Masutake and try drying a few.

We also found a few Hedgehog mushrooms..I did a quick sauté then added them to our Miso veggie soup.


Todays agenda..

Attempt to find one of our favorite mushroom picking spots for the third time.

Wish us luck.

This time we will bring a detailed map.

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