Saturday, November 09, 2013

To Eugene and Homeys appointment..

We left the coast a week ago..

We said goodbye to campsite 22~


amanWe took route 126 from the coast..


Followin the Siuslaw river for a bit..

Fisherman were out in their boats fishing for salmon.

mushrooms-and-drive-to-eugene_073_th Misty fog clouds in the mountains..


We get closer to the mountains....


Into a small town before turning to go through he mountain pass..


Not a bad drive…

Some sharp turns and curves..and a tunnel..


Through trees that are always green..


Out the other side..

mushrooms-and-drive-to-eugene_085_thInto the Willamette Valley..


We head toward Junction City to where we will bring Homey in for service.



Here we are..

Carrier RV service center

We have been here for a week now..


Our service tech found the source of our leak.

We thought our slide room was leaking..He found the leak under our sink.

Apparently someone who was working on Homey had sliced the water line.

Instead of replacing the hose they clamped and taped it.

It rusted and leaked..


We also found out someone who serviced the engine did not replace and oil cap..

No wonder we went through so much oil going cross country.


Luckily we are in good hands here.

The people here know our brand coach well.

That faucet you see above is a new one.

How do you like it?

We will be here into the middle of next week..Waiting for a few parts and continuing to dry.

Until then we are enjoying Eugene and going to our favorite restaurants.

We are also picking mushrooms and visiting with friends.

Today is Eugene's Saturday Market..

I cant wait!

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