Sunday, November 24, 2013

Inhale deeply…

We left Florence yesterday and headed south..

We didn't get far.. we stopped to revisit a favorite campground..

Winchester Bay RV park.

siteOur view is water, boats and birds..

But enough of this..

I want to tell you about our day today..

wb (1)

I wanted to inhale today in one huge breath and never let it out!

After being cold for a week or so… was nice to feel the warmth of the sun.

It was a beautiful day. A warm 60 degrees..

We drove past the sand dunes loaded with off road vehicle tracks..

This is a very popular area to come with an ATV.

Winchester bay_018A large area of sand dunes to play in.

Winchester bay_033We instead..

Went to the beach..

Winchester bay_037No ATVs here..

Winchester bay_038Just us and a few others..

Winchester bay_046Here we are..

This was a day of shadows..

Winchester bay_047and sand..

Winchester bay_050

Winchester bay_054I play with my shadow..

and Jeff..

Winchester bay_056Got em..

Winchester bay_057What are the white things on this driftwood?

Winchester bay_059A closer inspection shows sand dollars..

lined up in a row..

Winchester bay_061

Winchester bay_062Got down low for this one..

Winchester bay_072A lovely shell in the sand..

Winchester bay_075Jeff looking for birds..

Winchester bay_079We weren't the only ones on the beach..

There were these people..

Winchester bay_086

And this prehistoric creature..

Winchester bay_090making its way to the ocean..

Winchester bay_092

Oh oh oh…We found some wonderful driftwood..

Gorgeous~amazing pieces that someone in my family would have loved.

We tried to pry this root system loose but it was attached to a tree under the sand..

Darn!Winchester bay_102Oh my..what have we here..

Winchester bay_104We wanted soooo much to take this with us..

If we had a truck we would have..

Winchester bay_107What a beautiful sculpture..

I know one of my Sickstas would have LOVED It…

Sorry.. Sad smile


Winchester bay_110

Instead Jeff carried this out..

He thought maybe Sicksta Lori would like it.

Winchester bay_084

Winchester bay_116I carried out this piece of smoothed bark..

Winchester bay_121

Time to leave the beach ..

Winchester bay_125Jeff watches the birds while I wander down the road.

Winchester bay_128Taking photos..

Winchester bay_129See me?

waving to our campground in the distance.

Winchester bay_131Wood owl

Winchester bay_132Winchester Bay..we see this from our campsite.

Winchester bay_134We travel a few miles north..

Looking for woods..

Winchester bay_141And mushroomsWinchester bay_145I think this is Witchs butter..

Tremella mesenterica

Winchester bay_138We found Chanterelles here..

Not frozen like the ones we found a few days earlier further north.

These were on the dry side…

not enough rain.

Winchester bay_148Clear cutting in the distance…

lots of that here..

I don't like it.

Winchester bay_151We pass these train cars..

I think they are used to carry wood off the mountains..

wb (3)They made nice windows..

wb (4)It was getting late..

We decided to go to the beach to catch the sunset..

Winchester bay_169Wonderful lighting and shadows..

Winchester bay_171

Winchester bay_174The shadows are long and stretchy..

Winchester bay_176Foot prints in shadows..

Winchester bay_179

Winchester bay_181Winchester bay_186We walk to the jetty..Winchester bay_194

Oyster farm

Winchester bay_189

The lighthouse..

Winchester bay_200


Winchester bay_211

Winchester bay_215We leave the jetty and walk south..

Winchester bay_219Jeff leads the way..

Winchester bay_223

Winchester bay_227Two people up ahead..

They are doing Tai Chi..

Winchester bay_234

While the sun sets..

Winchester bay_238


Winchester bay_244

What a day..

Winchester bay_272

Winchester bay_278

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