Friday, November 22, 2013

Frozen Chanterelles and Jeffs Jackpot

Attempt number 3 to find our old mushroom picking grounds..

We take 101 north past..

Heceta Head Lighthouse

coastal shrooming_007We turn onto the road that should have lead to our spot..


Our attempt failed….for some reason, we just cannot find the road we are looking for. Its somewhere back amongst the dirt roads we traveled today, but maybe not labeled as it was four years ago..

Oh well,

We did pick mushrooms in the area..

We had a frost and the Chanterelle were all frozen.

I have never picked frozen Chanterelles before so we don't know how they will cook up. I may just end up drying them.

We left the dirt roads and headed to another area closer to the coast to look for Hedgehog mushrooms.

coastal shrooming_008


coastal shrooming_017

We hiked up to a ridge looking for hedgehogs on the way..

We found about a half dozen…and a few Chanterelle.

The mushrooms in this area were not frozen. It its closer to the coast and a bit warmer.

coastal shrooming_030More unidentified shrooms..

coastal shrooming_027Huckleberry and fern..

coastal shrooming_032


coastal shrooming_035

It was getting late and Jeff wanted to get home to wash the frozen mushrooms we picked earlier in the day.

So we bushwhacked down to meet the main path.

coastal shrooming_037On our way down Jeff found this beauty and a smaller one nearby

Cauliflower Mushroom~Sparassis radicata

His first find of this species..

coastal shrooming_039

Back to coastal route 101

coastal shrooming_041

Another great day of mushrooming!

Cauliflower cut and cleaned..



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