Monday, November 18, 2013

Almost gone…

We are still in Eugene, Oregon area. We are almost ready to move back to the coast for our scenic meander south. Just one more appointment for Homey and off we will go.

While Homey is being worked on we have been busy spending our days doing errands, eating at our favorite restaurants and going out for a few walks and mushroom forays.

We love the Saturday last week we went to check it out.

The Mushroom guys were there..


Selling a variety of mushrooms..

Jeff and I pick many of the same shrooms.

markI have not found any good Lobster mushrooms yet..still looking..

farmmI bought some nice produce here..

veggies that will become a soup in a few days.

marketLots of Organic


There is also an arts and crafts area of the market..

Plenty of tie-dyed shirts for adults and children.

eugene area_015

I Liked these tees..

eugene area_018and these..

though, I did not buy any…


A few photos from our Mushroom Forays..

eugene area_002I loved these lush, wet woods..

eugene area_011The trees dripping with moss..

eugene area_001Jeff looks so small in the forest…..

can you find him?

eugene area_003 Mossy wonderland..

eugene area_009I run into spiders all the time.

I halt when I see one..

Most of the time I don't see them and end up taking a few spiders out of the woods..

This one was lucky..

eugene area_008Black Elfin Saddle..

eugene area_024Chanterelle patch!

eugene area_025Hedgehog patch..

Hydnum umbillicatum,

eugene area_026A large Hedgehog..

Hydnum repandum


Found this on yesterdays foray..

This is the largest hedgehog i have found..cant wait to taste it!

big hedgeCleaned Hedgehogs..

The two varieties..

hedgesOur chanterelle bounty for the day..

We are having a blast picking here..

In a few days we will be back on the coast to see what mushrooms are popping up there.

I really enjoy Eugene and will miss it when we leave.. i just hope its not four years until we can get back again..

chantesCamera fail..

My little point and shoot is going back for repair..

Sad smileeugene area_029

Looks like I will be lugging around my big point and shoot..or using my ipod touch.

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