Sunday, October 27, 2013

Walk along the Yellowstone

See Homey parked to the left of the house below?


Here we are…

How do you like our view?

We are parked beside my Sisters home in Livingston, Montana.

Hogback ridge_003There we are behind the tree to the left of the house..

Turn around and go over the bridge..

livingston_011Its evening now and we are going for a walk along the Yellowstone river.

Its a short walk over the bridge and through the park.

livingston_012Nice Orange and reds in the park.


This is the path that borders the Yellowstone river on the other side of the park.


I took many of these photos with my ipod using my HDR app.

Not the best quality…though, it does a nice job capturing the evening light when the foreground is dark.


Gold is the primary fall color here in Montana.

livingston_033Gold borders the path..

livingston_034Gold glows when the sun hits it..

livingston_040Long evening shadows..

That's me :)

livingston_037This place is a wealth of gold…

livinston ipod (1)Fly fisherman ~ his dog on the opposite bank..


a Golden view..

livinston ipod (6)We didn't go further than this..

This was a short walk..

livinston ipod (10)We just needed to stretch our legs..

livingston_080and exercise my nephews two dogs..

livingston_084Sister Charlene, Jeff and the dogs lead.

livinston ipod (11)I lag behind taking photos..

livinston ipod (12)The pups up ahead…

The sun sets..

livinston ipod (13)We walk past that bench again..

I want to take this scene with me, but its stuck to the ground..

livinston ipod (16)

I will just have to keep it in my memory..

in my photos..

livingston_105Here we are..

Back where we started..

livingston_112Back to Homey and the orange and red trees of the park..



Jeff and I left Montana early this morning to avoid the snow storm.

We went over all the passes west on i-90 snow.

We are almost to our evening destination in Washington.

Thanks for coming along!

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