Saturday, October 19, 2013

Devils Hop Yard- Family mushroom fun

Maybe its because we all grew up together in a time and place when being outdoors was the norm. 

We don't view being outdoors as a scary place filled with bugs, spiders, snakes and things to be afraid of.

We embrace it and try to take time to immerse ourselves in it.

I love hiking and exploring with my family.

ct fam funn_008Its not all about rushing through the walk.

We stop and explore..uncover..go off the beaten path.

ct fam fun_067Last week Sickstas, brothers and their spouses- (whom also share our passion for nature) met at Devils Hop Yard

ct fam fun_068For some autumn leaf peeping..

ct fam fun_070Exploring..

ct fam fun_074Sage and Sickstas two puglets joined us..

ct fam funn_009

We all had a picnic lunch..

Wandered around the picnic area

ct fam fun_076I took a few photos..

ct fam fun_081reflections..

ct fam fun_082

ct fam fun_087I wasn't the only one taking photos this beautiful day…

ct fam fun_088Over the bridge…

time to explore some more..

ct fam fun_085We all have the mushroom bug..

Looking for edibles and appreciating the shapes and sizes of them all.

Most go unidentified.

ct fam fun_093

ct fam funn_018Old puffballs full of spores..

ct fam funn_021I believe these are gem studded puffballs..

ct fam funn_024

ct fam funn_027Barb has the best find of the day

Lions mane..Nice edible!

ct fam funn_029Some huge old Reishi mushrooms..

ct fam funn_032Can you guess what this is?

Leave your guess in comments below..

ct fam funn_035Turkey tails..

We all took a bit off to chew as we hiked.

ct fam fun_121

ct fam fun_123A huge cache of puffballs..

ct fam fun_125We poked at them to see them spore out..


ct fam fun_126More unidentified mushrooms..

I know I have a few mushroom experts that read this..

Please comment if you know what this is.


ct fam fun_128Sicksta Lori takes more photos than I do.

She should have a blog.. don't you think?

ct fam fun_135Little Brown mushroom

ct fam fun_139You never know what you might find in a forest..

Brother John found this spider and threw it at us girls trying to scare us..

We aren't afraid of spiders..

Sicksta Tink goes to pet it!

ct fam fun_142

ct fam fun_143

Some odd fungi..

ct fam fun_144This looks similar to Reshi..

ct fam fun_148

Family exploring the woods..we leave the path..

ct fam fun_149Barbs eye catches what looks like lace coming out of this tree trunk..

ct fam fun_151Amanita species..

ct fam fun_155Heart…

ct fam fun_156The path ends at a waterfall..

We split up and take different paths to the falls.

Brother John and I climb up a steep wall to the top of the falls..

I spot these beautiful berries and grab a few photos..

ct fam fun_158

ct fam fun_159Sicksta Lori..have you identified these yet?

ct fam fun_163

ct fam fun_161Wood and rusty bolts..

ct fam fun_164I walk to the overlook..

ct fam fun_165I see the falls..

ct fam fun_166and walk down to them to take a few photos..

ct fam fun_167Brother stays at the top..

See him?

ct fam fun_170there he is..

ct fam fun_171It was wonderful sharing this day and exploring with my family..

ct fam fun_172More eyes.. more things to see..

ct fam fun_175

Lets do this again!

ct fam fun_176

Well…next year…

because we are currently in Homey…headed west..

Oregon or Bust!

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