Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Montana to Oregon ~ on the road

We left Montana Sunday morning and headed west to Oregon.

We avoided the incoming snow storm.

Homey doesn't do snow.

montana west_003


montana west_005Butte, Montana

montana west_009Quick shot out the side window..

montana west_016Big valley

montana west_018

montana west_033I loved this rock formation..

montana west_048Bear with me… I took a few photos of it..

montana west_049Cool!

montana west_050

montana west_053Awesome rocks…

montana west_057

montana west_059More interesting rock formations.

montana west_061

montana west_062It was a very scenic trip on I-90

montana west_064

Turn after turn..

montana west_066


montana west_071Lots of gold..

montana west_075and mountains..

montana west_081

montana west_086

to oregon_012

Mountains dripping golden..

to oregon_022

to oregon_029

to oregon_036Idaho!

to oregon_046

to oregon_053Coeur d'Alene

to oregon_056Washington


to oregon_066

Following the Columbia river to Portland

to oregon_080

to oregon_082


to oregon_097Finally!

The Oregon Coast!

to oregon_099

Time to pick some mushrooms!

A walk around the campground ..

I bagged a few of these.

Shaggy Mane!

South beach_047

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