Sunday, October 20, 2013

Westward Ho...a tooned travel pictorial

On the road again.

We have left New England and are headed to Oregon with a few stops in between.
Most nights will be spent in Walmart Parking lots.
We will spend long days of driving- Jeff doesn't mind eight hours or more of driving.

I don't care for the long driving days but I accept it as necessary to get to where we want to be.
We need to be in Oregon the beginning of Nov. Homey has an appointment for some repairs and a tuneup.

I keep myself occupied by reading books on my iPad, watching a few movies I downloaded to my iPad and surfing the net when I can get an internet connection.

We had a nice sunny start of our trip.

The driver..

The full moon in the am of our second day on the road.

Rain, rain and more rain.
Made for some great shots.

Exit 59 in Ohio for some lunch and pie with our friend Barb.

Then back on the road again...

Trucks and orange barrels made good subjects for tooning.

Day 3- another morning greeted by the full Moon.

Today is our third day of traveling..we passed thru Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Lots of corn corn corn and corn....

Soon to stop for the evening in South Dakota..
Tomorrow, the badlands and Black hills.

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