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and festivals in honor of all things fungi!

I love to attend mushroom festivals.

We will miss one of my favorite mushroom festivals in Oregon this year. We will arrive a week or so late for the Yachats Village Mushroom Fest.

We should be in time for another favorite mushroom festival.

Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Festival in Eugene, Oregon.


Until then

Wild Mushroom Festival at the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center in Connecticut.

We attended the event last Sunday.

Mushroom festival_020_thumbIt was a beautiful day!Mushroom festival_022


Mushroom festival_019_thumbWith the  fifteen dollar entrance fee we were given four tickets to try foods made with mushrooms..

I tried the bread pudding with wild mushrooms from Zest Fresh Pastry.


Mushroom festival_027I also tried the mushroom ice-cream made by Mystic Drawbridge Ice-cream..

It was made with Candy Cap mushrooms and was


If you are not familiar with candy cap mushrooms…you will wonder how they taste in ice cream.

Candy caps taste like maple syrup.

I have a few bags of candy cap mushrooms a friend gave me. I like to give gifts of a few candy cap mushrooms to friends and family.

Not to eat..but for them to put in their pocket book or a container.

Whenever the container is opened you get the most wonderful aroma of

Maple Syrup!Mushroom festival_029

This table below was decorated with art by the students of the Denison Nature center.

Mushroom festival_030I loved the felted mushrooms!Mushroom festival_032

Mushroom festival_034_thumb

Mushroom festival_099_thumb[3]Mushroom books for young children..

Mushroom festival_093This looks like a wonderful book.

The Dead Tree

Traces the life cycle of an oak tree and describes the animals that depend on it for shelter and food.

Mushroom festival_095_thumb[4]

Mushroom art for sale..

If I had a larger home i might have purchased this.

Mushroom festival_037_thumb[6]


Mushroom festival_039

All by artist
Frances Topping

Click on her name above to see her other wonderful works of art.

Mushroom festival_038_thumb[6]

Now to the guests of honor..


Mushroom festival_040And friends of mushrooms..

the experts!

Hi Bill Yule!


Mushroom festival_041

Mushroom festival_043Mushroom festival_046A boatload of Hen of the Woods

Grifola frondosa

A most wonderful medicinal and delicious edible.

Found at the base of old oak trees.

Mushroom festival_047A spectacular Chicken of the woods!

Laetiporus sulphureus

Mushroom festival_049_thumb

Another delicious mushroom when picked young and soft.

Mushroom festival_053_thumb[3]The shrooms in the back of the photo are Jack O’Latern mushrooms..

They glow in the dark…

Mushroom festival_051We took one of the mushroom walks to see what we could find in the woods..

Mushroom festival_056I believe this is

Cortinarius Violaceus

Mushroom festival_055_thumb[1]

Hen of the woods


Mushroom festival_059Chicken of the woods

Mushroom festival_063LBM

Little unidentified mushrooms..

Mushroom festival_064Russula of some sort..

Mushroom festival_066Honey mushroom

Mushroom festival_072Old Turkey tail mushrooms

Mushroom festival_074And an unidentified caterpillar..

Mushroom festival_075Back to the festival we check out the booths..

Mushroom festival_102_thumbMushroom festival_104_thumb[1]

This large wooden mushroom was raffled off to a lucky winner..

Mushroom festival_083

Mushroom infused oils…

Mushroom festival_105_thumbWe sampled some more food made with mushrooms

This was a delicious risotto made with assorted wild mushrooms.

Mushroom festival_085Wine, beer, coffee and a Wild mushroom tea made with Reishi.

 Mushroom festival_084_thumb

A few books on display near the mushrooms..

Mushroom festival_106Back to stare at the mushrooms..

Mushroom festival_086Mushroom festival_107Mushroom festival_109

A great sculpture of one of my favorite shrooms

A Morel

Mushroom festival_112it was a fun time with my family!

Mom and Dad in front..the rest of the gang above.

Mushroom festival_120

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