Friday, October 25, 2013

Hogback Ridge

Two days ago we took a drive into Paradise Valley for a short hike up a portion of Hogback Ridge.

Hogback ridge_007Views views views…can not avoid having views here..

Absaroka Range

Hogback ridge_009The trail was mostly a up up and more up.

Hogback ridge_011We were hiking west..

I turn behind me to the east for more mountain views..

Hogback ridge_015This is a two pole hike…

Hiking poles that is..

Steep, rocky sections.

Hogback ridge_016I stopped to take a panorama of the mountain range.

Hogback ridge_020

Hogback ridge_021I pass many dried out alpine flowers..

Hogback ridge_023More up..

Hogback ridge_024We had a late start,


we stop to take in the scene, soak up the sun and catch our breath before heading back down.

Hogback ridge_028Oh look..

Shadow fun!

Hogback ridge_032More dried flower heads..

Hogback ridge_036Must be little beauties when in bloom..

Hogback ridge_038We start to loose sun..

It gets a bit chilly..

Hogback ridge_044On the way the round fields below…

We hear and see hundreds of Sandhill Crane

Hogback ridge_054

They must be on their way south to Arizona..

We will be in Arizona in January…

Hope to see them again.

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