Thursday, October 24, 2013

Five days to Livingston

It was a crazy wild five day drive from Connecticut to Livingston, Montana.

A few 10 to 12 hours of driving.

Many times waking up with the moon.

This drive by moon shot looks like a spooky pumpkin.

ct fam fun_192Early morning drives  are accompanied by some fog.

Westward_075Then clearing and lovely clouds..

Westward_063Beautiful countryside..

I enjoyed our drive on I-90…big open spaces and no traffic what-so-ever..

Westward_058and scenes like this..

Westward_052All these photos were taken from my passenger seat.

No time to stop and take photos when the driver has a destination in mind.

Westward_024We make it to western South Dakota and start to see remnants of the huge early snowstorm they had several weeks ago.

Westward_014We saw piles of dead cattle..

I was only able to get a shot of these two.


Rancher Marvin Jobgen has weathered many storms in his 40 years in business, but he's never lost as many cattle as he did during the record-setting winter storm Atlas. A third of his cows, about 100, and 15 percent of his calves died. Two weeks after the October 4 blizzard, livestock producers in western South Dakota are still counting their losses and burying would-be profits in bone pits.

The storm slammed into the region after days with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, catching producers and cattle unprepared. State veterinarian Dustin Oedekoven says so far 7,500 cattle have been reported dead, but that number will grow because right now "reporting isn't high on everybody's mind."

More about this here..


Westward_012Gorgeous clouds driving thru South Dakota…

Westward_009And then here we are..


Westward_007We stop at the visitor center..


Westward_004Before moving on..

That evening  we park  and spend the night at a Walmart in Billings,Montana.

Wyoming to Livingston_004In the morning we have a two hour drive to my Sisters home in

Livingston, Montana.

Wyoming to Livingston_027The views are like paintings..

Wyoming to Livingston_038

Wyoming to Livingston_041We know we are getting close when we see the mountains..

Wyoming to Livingston_073

Yellowstone river off to the right..

Wyoming to Livingston_081

Livingston, Montana..

Parked in front of Sisters home for a few days..

Hogback ridge_003The view from her deck..

Ahhh…time to rest before we head further west.

Hogback ridge_006

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