Wednesday, October 03, 2012

South Beach Birding, Chatham, Ma

Howdee all,

A few Saturdays ago, Jeff and I joined a group of birders on a guided trip Sponsored by Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

The trip left Outermost Harbor..

a fifteen minute trip to South Beach.

south beach bird trip_001

Although it wasn’t prime shorebird migration we did see a decent amount of birds.

Snowy Egret

south beach bird trip_002

walking the mud flats..

south beach bird trip_003

Low tide

south beach bird trip_006

Birders looking at Shore Birds

south beach bird trip_007

Whimbrel in the grass

south beach bird trip_011

clammers in the mud flats..

south beach bird trip_013

It was an overcast day, but otherwise quite nice.

south beach bird trip_014

I have more photos of birders than birds.

we did see birds, really!

Here is our trip leader looking at one of his favorite birds.

See below..

south beach bird trip_025

We all had great looks at many

Saltmarsh Sparrows

south beach bird trip_015

A beautiful little bird.

south beach bird trip_018

We walked to the ocean, the Golden Rod was loaded with these moths..

any ideas of who they are?

south beach bird trip_032

Monarch on Goldenrod

south beach bird I love these scenes

south beach bird trip_037

What a beautiful place…

south beach bird trip_036

Looking for Jaegers, Gannets and other Pelagic birds.

south beach bird trip_038

What's this?

south beach bird trip_045

A Peregrine hanging out at the beach…

south beach bird trip_046

  I love South beach..

south beach bird trip_044

31 species (+1 other taxa)

American Black Duck  
White-winged Scoter  
Common Loon  
Northern Gannet  
Great Blue Heron  
Great Egret  
Snowy Egret  
Black-crowned Night-Heron  
Northern Harrier  
Black-bellied Plover  
Semipalmated Plover  
American Oystercatcher  
Greater Yellowlegs  
Ruddy Turnstone  
Red Knot  
Semipalmated Sandpiper 
Least Sandpiper  
Pectoral Sandpiper  
Laughing Gull  
Herring Gull  
Lesser Black-backed Gull  
Great Black-backed Gull  
Roseate Tern  
Common Tern  
jaeger sp.  
Mourning Dove  
Belted Kingfisher  
Peregrine Falcon  
American Crow  
Horned Lark  
Saltmarsh Sparrow  


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