Sunday, October 28, 2012

Calm before the storm~Hurricane Sandy

Howdee all,

Yesterday Jeff and I walked Bluff Point State Park

bluff before storm_004We try to walk here daily.

About a 4 mile loop

We start the loop via the inland wooded route.

bluff before storm_006Earlier in the week as we walked the trail we saw scads of sparrows and Juncos ..We didn’t have our bins with us. booo hoo.

Yesterday there were very few birds. We had our bins.. HA

We did see a few of the usual suspects, but for the most part the birds we saw previously must have headed south.

I hope they fared well thru the approaching storm.

bluff before storm_010

In the photo below I see a sleeping Kittie Cat..

The dark slit on the left of the rock is its eye..and the leaf in the middle makes its nose.

What do you see>

bluff before storm_025We followed the path to the water..

bluff before storm_040It was so calm..

Who would think that a monstrous storm was approaching..

 bluff before storm_032

I must have cats on my mind.

I see a cat face in the cloud below..Do you?

bluff before storm_022

As the hurricane Sandy  approaches.

bluff before storm_029

I wish all my family and friends ride the storm safely!

bluff before storm_027

I hope the birds find safety too!

bluff before storm_048We will walk this coastline after the storm..

bluff before storm_036

To see what changes were made.

bluff before storm_043

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