Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy~Cresent Beach, Niantic, CT

Howdee all,

Took a drive to my Sisters home in Niantic, CT.

She is far enough from the coastline and had no issues except for loss of power.

On the coast it was a different story.

Hurricane Sandy_015We walked to the beach that we go to when visiting my Sister

Hurricane Sandy_016Turned the corner

Hurricane Sandy_017And saw what was left of Crescent Beach.

Hurricane Sandy_018The beach to the right had benches and gardens

Hurricane Sandy_019

The road to the left in this section is now full of sand and rock.

Hurricane Sandy_020Sidewalk moved..

Hurricane Sandy_021Shrubs uprooted..

Hurricane Sandy_023

Road moved..

Hurricane Sandy_026

Sidewalk, Road…a jumble

Hurricane Sandy_025


Hurricane Sandy_031Patio and porch gone..

Hurricane Sandy_022

Hurricane Sandy_032

Rocks everywhere..

Hurricane Sandy_037

Hurricane Sandy_034

What a mess..

Hurricane Sandy_035

Hurricane Sandy_036

Hurricane Sandy_038

Hurricane Sandy_040

Hurricane Sandy_001 (1)

Hurricane Sandy_042

It looked like most of these homes could be repaired.

Hurricane Sandy_045

It will take a while to be back to normal here..

Hurricane Sandy_049

Hurricane Sandy_050

Hurricane Sandy_055

Hurricane Sandy_056

Hurricane Sandy_063

Hurricane Sandy_059

Luckily many homes were unharmed..

Hurricane Sandy_060

It’s a mess..but not as bad as many areas that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy_061

Hurricane Sandy_066Hurricane Sandy_004 (1)

Hurricane Sandy_065

Video of Crescent Beach

My prayers go out to those who were impacted by this storm.

I cant even begin to imagine how difficult it must be.

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