Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lantern Hill walking…and odd black things

Howdee all,

Jeff and I walked one of my favorite places just a few miles from where I grew up.

We used to hike Lantern Hill  as kids with Mom and Dad..and have fond memories.

(Oh..I saved the odd black things for the if you want to see them now just skip to the bottom.)

Lantern hill_003Can you see the Heart coming up from the ground?

Lantern hill_004I like coming here in the fall to see how the colors are brewing..

Lantern hill_005It isn't quite peak..lots of yellows..

Lantern hill_007Reflections..

Lantern hill_008

Berries of ? Viburnum?

Lantern hill_011

I loved these low growing little maples.

Lantern hill_013

Lantern hill_014Oh look..a shroom..

Lantern hill_016Mushroom unidentified

Lantern hill_020Oh now that’s some color!

Lantern hill_021You can see the bit of color in this photo below..

Still mostly yellow and bits of orange here and there.

Lantern hill_022This is always a pleasant walk..Some uphill for exercise..

Lantern hill_023Another heart..

Lantern hill_024Leaf on moss..

Lantern hill_026As we reached the top of Lantern Hill we came across Black and Turkey Vultures soaring around..

This one stopped for a rest.

Lantern hill_032A bit more orange..

We did see and hear Golden crowned Kinglets here.

Lantern hill_033Lantern hill_034

Lantern hill_037I was looking mostly for shrooms on this walk..

and was disappointed that we only saw a few..

Lantern hill_038I did see this gorgeous clump of mushrooms..

Lantern hill_042Nope..I don’t know what these are either.

Lantern hill_041It was a lovely walk none the less…and the yellows were brilliant.

I think we will wait a few days and walk here again.

Lantern hill_043So here are the black things I mentioned..


Is this Beech Bark spot?

Lantern hill_045

Lantern hill_046

Happy Autumn everyone! Hope you are enjoying it.

I just want to mention I have been having  Chiropractic appointments three times a week..I have traction and adjustments and am feeling much better.

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