Monday, October 22, 2012

Reflections of Autumn

Howdee all,

A few photos from our walk yesterday at

Devils Hop Yard State Park

Devils Hop yard_144I will post more photos of our walk later..

Just wanted to share some of these cool reflections.

Devils Hop yard_146

I started to capture these refection's while standing on one side of the Covered wooden bridge looking down stream.

Devils Hop yard_148Lovely orange and yellows.

Devils Hop yard_149

My Sicksta called me over to the other side of the bridge to show me the reflections there..

Devils Hop yard_150

Looking upstream

The photos below come from this side of the stream,but closer to the covered bridge.

Devils Hop yard_164

These are the reflections my Sicksta wanted me to see…

I flipped the photo so the tree is upright in the reflection

Devils Hop yard_160I don’t know why some appear more washed out on the bottom

The water was moving a little and that may have been the cause..or maybe the angle. Or most likely my camera settings.

Point and shoot..and operator issues. Smile

Devils Hop yard_167

I tried not to get the covered bridge in the photo but you can see it upper left.

Devils Hop yard_162

In the photo below there is some reflection of the covered bridge and shadow of the rocks..

This is my favorite..

Which one of the birch tree is your favorite?

Devils Hop yard_157

We continued on to the waterfalls..Photos of that later..

More reflections..

Devils Hop yard_191What a colorful time of year!

Devils Hop yard_193

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