Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Birds n Berries

Howdee all,

I pished and out came a few sparrows..

chatham and more tree swallows_052I walked and saw what early autumn had to offer..

chatham and more tree swallows_051

The past few weeks I have been inside allot with a wonky neck and on and off vertigo.

I am going to a Chiropractor who I hope can help me with my symptoms..

I cant concentrate for long periods of time without needing to rest.

Enough of my whining…

I hope to be better berry soon. :)

chatham and more tree swallows_055

How do you feel about


Porcelain Berry


chatham and more tree swallows_056

I adore the different colored berries..

chatham and more tree swallows_060

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