Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hardings beach~ Chatham

Howdee all,

Nope..not here

But we were about a week ago.

more cape_003This particular day we were hoping to catch a few fish.

We walked out to the lighthouse..

more cape_022Put up our chairs and cast our lines..

more cape_023We didn’t catch any fish..Just allot of this seaweed..

It was all over the beach, washed in from the storm the day before.

more cape_010

We did see an Eider that was alone and seemed to be injured.

more cape_024I couldn’t tell for sure but the wing looked wrong..

more cape_027

We also so a few Painted Ladys

Thanks Corey and friends for your ID and information.

more cape_036

Corey Husic Yep, some things to look for on these two species:
When the wings are open (and sometimes visible with wings closed) there is a white spot surrounded by orange on the outside of each of the forewings on an American. Painted don't have this mark. Also, on the outside of the hindwings, Painted Ladies have four smallish, evenly-sized eyespots, where as Americans have two very large eye spots. This pattern is mirrored (although harder to distinguish) when the wings are open. However, I think that little white dots on Americans is the easiest field mark!
I have a photo of an American and some Painted with wings open at this link:


more cape_040

Chris Durden *Vanessa cardui* the most widspread butterfly in the world!

Love my Cyber friends!

more cape_044

It was a great afternoon at the beach, even though we didn’t catch any fish.

more cape_049

I bet this gull had more luck with the fish than we had…

more cape_052

Neck update~

After several appointments to the Chiropractor my neck pain is gone, my vertigo is gone. *Knocking on wood* I can now concentrate and read. I have several more appointments scheduled. Smile


Its Freezing Cold this morning in Connecticut!

We don’t plan on heading south until the end of October…hummm

Stay warm, wherever you are!

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