Friday, August 19, 2011

Here we are~In Chatham

Howdee all,

We arrived a few days ago and will be in Cape Cod for a few weeks…

Spending time with Jeff's side of the family…


Most mornings we go for a fast walk around Chatham…

Sometimes stopping to take in the scene..

or check out the beach..


chatham_081A stranded starfish..

chatham_084Once in a while we stop to look at birds~but this is an exercise walk..we don’t bring binoculars..

chatham_085 My photos are quick shots…sometimes while walking..

chatham_077We intend on doing some kayaking and birding while here….

Prime migration for shorebirds…:)

Did you know there was a Brown Booby seen in West Dennis a few days ago…

I missed it!~~~~ Big Frigen bummer

 chatham_008 Yoga on the beach…

South Beach~Chatham

chatham_009I still have posts of NH that I haven't had a chance to get together ..

A busy summer…and a lazy blogger..


Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer..

its disappearing quickly…go grab some!


  1. I've seen a brown booby here; but only in the summer and when I don't use sun screen.
    (my apologies now before I get blocked.)

  2. A very nice blog and thought id say hello. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa.

  3. It HAS been a busy summer, hasn't it? And I'm grabbing all I can hold now that we are having a respite from our unseasonably hot weather.

  4. Great post and photos from you walk. Looks like a lot of people enjoy doing their yoga on the beach. Summer seems to be going really fast, sorry you missed the Brown Booby. They are cool looking birds. Have a great weekend! Happy Birding.

  5. Just stumbled on your blog. Looks like a beautiful place. Have a good weekend.

  6. Thanks friends for your comments. Chatham is a great place to walk..beautiful beaches and ocean views.

    Keep grabbing that summer..its going fast!

  7. I need to get some new glasses.I thought I read that there was a Bobby brown spotting where you are instead of Brown Booby

  8. Larry..hee hee..that would have been good too!


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