Friday, August 26, 2011

Batten Down the hatches~Irene’s coming

Howdee all,

We are still on Cape Cod and will weather out Hurricane Irene here.

I hope all my east coast family and friends stay safe!

I wonder what the Cape will look like after the storm.

Will this bridge still be passable after the storm?

Cape Cod_004

Will these boats still be nestled alongside the pier?

Cape Cod_008Will the Coast Guard boats be going out on rescue missions?

Cape Cod_007What will the birds do?

Cape Cod_010This ones not too concerned right now..

Cape Cod_011

Where will the Grey and Harbor Seal go? They like hanging out on the sand bar…will it still be here..or moved to another area?

Cape Cod_076How will South Beach look after the storm?

Cape Cod_012From current storm tracks~it looks like the Cape will be getting a tropical storm..

Of course that could all change..

Cape Cod_070

We are here nestled in behind a family home…Will go to the house when the storm hits.

Homey at the Cape_001

Take care East Coasters

Batten Down the Hatches!


  1. Still not sure where it's going up here in Maine, but we will be on the east side of the storm. We will have to watch the surge in our cove and the high winds. I'd rather be on the west side of the storm, less wind. Will move inland if we have to.

    Stay safe and don't go near the beach until it's all done.

  2. Stay safe my friend!! It will stay well East of me but I will be thinking about all my friends in her path!

  3. pointed right at us here in NH...

  4. I would leave ~ being from Florida I've seen devistation. You just never know! I'll pray for your safety.
    Keep safe

  5. If my home were on wheels I wouldn't ride the storm in Cape Cod. I'm just sayin'

    Stay safe and give us lots of post-storm photographs.

  6. Mainebirder, you and the wife can come to our house if you want to. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

  7. Hope you all remain safe and dry in CC.
    Irene is heading straight for us in Brooklyn (as of now). Cleared off the patio and put all the stuff in the basement up as high as I could. Both girls will be with me huddling in the living room or basement if we are not flooded.
    Who would of thought NYC would have an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week?

  8. ...good luck and stay safe! We will be thinking about you.

  9. Wishing you and your family safety throughout the storm. I will be thinking of you ...

    Take care!

  10. Dear Dawn,
    Sending blessings...
    stay safe.

  11. Thanks everyone for you well wishes ~Irene was kind to Cape Cod..not much damage at all and practically no rain.


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