Friday, August 05, 2011

Here we are~ Kayaking Bluff Point

Howdee all,

I still have some great hikes and scenery from New Hampshire yet to post.

I will get to that soon.

Yesterday Jeff and I went kayaking with Sicksta Tammy and her Hubby Joe.

See the small plane in the photo middle?

Bluff Point_001We took off from a boat launch in Groton..

IMG_0005Sicksta waiting for Jeffrey the slowman..

Bluff Point_002We spotted a gull

Bluff head..

Bluff Point_008Oh there it is…

Black-Backed Gull?Bluff Point_009Looking back at the homes on the shore…

Bluff Point_013A Few Willet

Bluff Point_014Sicksta and I hung out at the Beach while the boys went fishing.

Bluff Point_016

While walking on the beach we were strafed by Least Tern…we walked further away from the roped off areas and they left us alone.

Bluff Point_028There must have been nests with young..though, we didn’t see them.

Bluff Point_036Stars in the water..

Bluff Point_040Sicksta talking photos of shells..

Bluff Point_041Jeff and I borrowed Mom and Dads kayak..Sicksta and I rode in their kayak..

Bluff Point_044A small craft airport nearby..Coast Guard helicopter and small planes in and out all day.Bluff Point_045Seaweed on shell

Bluff Point_048

Joe and Jeff coming back from fishing, in Joes home made kayaks..

Bluff Point_052One small  fish..a few bites

Bluff Point_053Bluff Point_054We didn’t have our Binoculars with us..I thought these were Black-bellied Plover.

Bluff Point_063On our way back…

I was able to show my Sicksta a bird she hasn’t seen before..

Bluff Point_064American Oyster Catcher

Bluff Point_068A nice afternoon trip..Bluff Point_071

Photos of NH and Maine…


  1. Glad to see you getting out. I like the idea of kayaking.

  2. I haven't been kayaking since I was a teenager but a great way to get close to some species.

  3. I really like Bluff Point. Never have kayaked there.....but I've hiked there from the parking area off Rte 1.

    Nice work

  4. Hi Dawn,

    The least terns are laying eggs in early June. The youngsters are probably out and about by now.

  5. Gaelyn
    thanks Gaelyn, Its great spending time outdoors..

    It is a wonderful way to get close to birds..time for you to try again!

    matthew houskeeper
    I think I know what hike you are talking of..Nice hike.

    Steve Borichevsky
    Steve~I assume they were feeding they were going back to the same areas with food, I never did see the young, though.

  6. Dawn, I have never been here though Gus has! I would love to go! I have never seen an Oyster Catcher. I am soooo jealous! Your gull looks like a Great black-back gull due to the pink legs. Lesser's have yellowish I believe. they are much more rare. LOve the terns! I would love to see one of them also! Hope you are having fun! Looks like we are both playing catch-up!

  7. If your not making faces out of food at a restaurant-your making faces in the sand! What's going on with you and your sickstas? Really nice photos of those terns!-They've all been flying when I've seen them this year.


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