Friday, August 05, 2011

BwBTC~Want to go Birding?

Howdee all,

Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp

Want to go Birding in New England?

You can be a Bird blogger, a twitter or facebook user…or you can just love looking at birds. All are welcome.



It has been a busy summer and I haven't had time to get a birding outing together.


So…I now have a bit of a lull…and have a few time periods and places that might work for some of you.


1~Jeff and I will be in Chatham on Cape Cod for three or four weeks beginning on the August15th. Anyone interested birding South beach?

2~Mid September to early October we will be in Massachusetts …Anyone want to bird Plum Island or other places nearby?

3~October~We will be in Connecticut. Luke Tiller said he would be interested in a get together …He says good time for Sparrows…I assume he will show us around like last time. Also, if you are in the area, Luke has a few fall Audubon trips scheduled.


Let me know what place or places that work best for you in the comment section here… I might try to get two or three outings arranged depending on interest.


Its always a fun time…


And we do see birds..


Weekend Cowgirl said...

Oh my, I can tell you are going to have a very FUN fall!! Cannot wait to see all the photos you take!

Cindy said...

Hi Dawn..I would be interested in Massachusetts or Connecticut..especially Connecticut in early October. Will be away 9/17-9/25. Hope I can join one of your outings..would love to see you!

MaineBirder said...

Hi Dawn,

I would be interested in a Plum Island get together. Should be great birding there in mid Sept to early October.

Sarah Knight said...

That's very cool that you all meet up!

dAwN said...

Looks like we will do Plum Island sometime mid to end of September.
October sometime will be CT get together..more details as I have them.

John (Tucker) said...

Hi Dawn, I can do any Saturday leading up to August 25. I'll be unavailable 25-September 3 birding in Texas. There's a great Whales Tales and Sea Bird trip out of Plymouth on September 11 on Capt John's. Its a full day on the water. I did the trip with Mass Audubon in June. The bird and whale count were staggering. Amazing trip and "they" say September is even better. Interested...send me an email at

Kathiesbirds said...

Dawn, I would be interested! September will not work for me because my son will be home for a visit during that time but I might be able to do a trip out to Cape Cod this month or one in CT in October. I would love to meet Dan or Larry, but just to finally participate would be great! Am home now for a week, then may be in CT for a week to visit my family and finally relax a little. Trying to get a blog post up now. Have photos to process. Hope you are well. I think of you all the time! Keep me informed about Plum Island, you never know what I might be able to squeeze in!

Larry said...

I'll be watching for more details about Connecticut in October.If the timing is right-I'd love to join in.

dAwN said...

Kathie and Larry~Hope it works out so we can all get together.:P

Aunt Nancy said...

Ahhhh, wouldn't I love to go bird watching at Plum! Just hope when you go the green headed fly season is over! Those suckers bite hard!

Cindy said...

Hi Dawn,

I would love to do Plum Island in Sept. I'm unavailable the 29 Sept to Oct 2 weekend and Columbus day weekend I guess the first 2 weekends in Oct). I would also be interested in CT in Oct. Hope it works out for one of these events. Looking forward t seeing everyone.

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